Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Final Round

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Final Round

The semi-final round of our Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode tournament has now closed. The two winning episodes in the semi-final now go head to head in the all important final round.

In the previous round, The Bet was the clear winner against Det. Dave Majors with 85% of the vote. Johnny and Dora triumphed against Boyle-Linetti Wedding with 100% of the vote as no votes were cast for the latter. The Bet and Johnny and Dora now face off in the final round.

Both episodes are significant in the development of the Jake/Amy relationship. In The Bet, after Jake wins his long-running bet with Amy over who can solve the most cases, she has to go on a date with him as a forfeit. Despite Jake's view that his elaborate plans for the evening are just a joke, Charles sees that Jake has feelings for Amy. Jake's best laid plans are thrown off course when the pair are sent on a stakeout together. As Jake enjoys bonding with Amy on the job, he refuses Captain Holt's offer to send a relief team to replace them.

In the second season finale, Johnny and Dora, Jake and Amy are assigned the case of a notorious identity thief. Their case takes an intimate turn when they go undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple. After they kiss on the job to maintain their cover, Jake and Amy feel uncomfortable about their friendship. After the Captain surprises the squad by announcing he is being moved from the precinct, Jake and Amy take comfort together. Boyle's announcement that the new Captain is coming interrupts Jake and Amy as they kiss in the evidence room.

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Posted on 27 July 2015 07:08.

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