415 - Moo Moo Aired May 2, 2017

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Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood. When the incident escalates, Terry wants to file an official complaint against him, but Captain Holt has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood and answer some tough questions when they babysit Terry's kids.

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Guest Stars: Desmond Harrington as Officer Maldack, Merrin Dungey as Sharon, Kelsey Yates as Cagney Jeffords, Skyler Yates as Lacey Jeffords, Danny Araujo as Officer Jellison, Casey Feigh as Eugune, Mary Holland as Tricia, Karen Lew as Margo, Theodore John Barnes as Little Terry, Christopher Griffin as Bully

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415 'Moo Moo' Press Release April 13 2017

FOX has released the synopsis for the May 2 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Moo Moo". Desmond Harrington (Dexter) guest stars in the episode, while Merrin Dungey reprises her role as Sharon Jeffords.  Full story