The Jimmy Jab Games II Season 7, Episode 4 - Aired February 20, 2020

The Jimmy Jab Games II

Competitive juices are flowing as Jake and the squad compete in the second Jimmy Jab Games.

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Guest Stars: Vanessa Bayer as Officer Debbie Fogle, Damon Standifer as Alex, Kenny Stevenson as Officer Mark

Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: So Diaz, I figured out why you wanna win. I hacked your work calendar.
Rosa: Those calendars are public. Everyone on the system has access.
Captain Holt: I hacked it. I'm a hacker.

Jake: Now, who's ready to compete?
Captain Holt: Count me in. I could really use this day off to spend some time with my husband.
Rosa: Oh, please. We all have loved ones. You're not getting any sympathy just because you're gay.
Jake: Rosa, I don't think he was-
Captain Holt: No, I was. She saw right through me. Nevertheless, I will destroy you all.
Jake: Copy that. I love your intensity.

Jake: Now, Gina is gone, so we're out of a host.
Charles: Me! Please, me. It's my time to shine. It's my "Greatest Showman" moment.
Jake: Charles, you can't.
Charles: You know who else they told "You can't"? Lettie Lutz, the bearded lady. But then, Mr. Barnum gave her a stage. Give me my stage, Jacob.
Jake: Wait, so you're the bearded lady?
Charles: No! I'm Barnum, you're Zac Efron, and everyone else is one of my freaks.
Jake: Look, I would love to give you the hosting duties so you can work through whatever weird fantasy this is, but we need at least six players and the host can't play.
Charles: Then I'll find someone to replace me. I promise you will have your circus, Mr. Barnum.
Jake: I thought you were Barnum.
Charles: No! I'm the greatest showman!
Jake: Isn't that Barnum?

Captain Holt: So, Diaz, I've never been more excited. My first time playing the Jimmy Jabs, and I'm destined to win. Look at my competition. Little Miss Hay For Brains. The Hay Brains, and King Brain Made of Hay.

Hitchcock: So I bet you're wondering how I did so well in that last competition.
Jake: Actually, I was impressed you didn't eat any of the meat.
Hitchcock: Well, I don't deserve all the credit. Scully, show 'em what we're working with.
Scully: This is Dorothy, my pill box.
Jake: Good God.
Hitchcock: My friend here has dozens of medications prescribed for all of his ailments. They make him normal. They make me limitless.
Scully: This blood thinner can suppress appetite. This eczema pill can cause extreme muscle spasms.
Hitchcock: Which is pretty inconvenient, unless you need to hurl meat across the room.
Jake: My God. He's doping.
Scully: Welcome to the big leagues.

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