Privacy Policy

What data we collect:

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fan Site ("this site"), like most sites, collects log files of visitors' activity. These log files hold non-personal information such as: your IP address, which browser or operating system you're using, any plug-ins (such as Flash Player) your browser uses, and which pages or files you view on the site. Geo-location data from your IP address is also collected. This is usually your country and city, although in most cases is only accurate to a state/county level. This information does not reveal your exact location to us.

This site, as with many interactive sites, will collect potentially personal information if you provide it to us. This data is only collected by you filling out a form in an interactive area of the site. This data may include a username, your real name, your e-mail address or a password (encrypted and secured to industry standards). Interactive areas of the site, such as contests, may provide additional information in their own privacy policy.

How the data is used:

Log files are used to analyze traffic to this website. The information in our log files, which is not personal information, is shared with a few select companies.

Personal information, such as your e-mail address, is not shared with anybody outside of this site. You may, in the process of using this site, provide your information to third parties acting on our behalf. In all instances it will be made clear who is operating the service should you wish to consult their privacy policies.

Who we share data with:

We share anonymous data with Google Analytics and Google Adsense. They may use non-personal information related to your visits to other participating sites to target advertising based on your generic interests ("behavioral advertising").

You can opt-out of behavioral advertising at the Network Advertising Initiative website. This will stop behavioral advertisement targeting by Google and other publishers. You may also opt-out of Google's program on their website.

We do not share personal information with anybody outside of this website, except when required to by law or where it is expressly noted.

Where the data is held:

All data submitted to this site is held on our server in the United States of America. Backups and copies of this data may exist elsewhere in other competent jurisdictions.

By using this site you consent for your data to be stored & processed in the United States of America, where the data protection laws may offer lesser protection than the laws of your country.

How long we hold data for:

We aim to delete anonymous log files within 6 months. Information you submit to our interactive areas is not routinely deleted unless you specifically request it be. In cases where you wish to delete your data then you will be required to contact us. We may decide to anonymise, rather than remove, your data.

The use of cookies:

This site uses 'cookies' for a number of purposes. We have "anonymous" cookies which are used by the website  to hold non-personal information. Examples of non-personal cookies are: which country you are visiting from, so we can serve local content; whether you've visited before; whether you've voted on a poll or commented on a story.

Companies who provide services for us may place cookies on your computer also. These cookies track viewing behaviour across this site and other sites in their network for the purposes of advertising or traffic analysis. The information they collect through, or on behalf of, this website, is not personally identifiable. You should consult their relevant privacy policies for more information. At present the following companies are providing services for us: Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and Amazon Associates US & UK.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy then you can e-mail us at CAPTAIN AT THENINENINE DOT COM

Legal Notice.

No part of this site is targeted at minors under the age of 13 years. We expressly prohibit use of this site by people under the age of 13 without their guardian's consent and supervision.

This site complies with the United States COPPA and does not knowingly collect the personal information of minors under the age of 13 years.