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Quote from the episode Jake and Sophia

Charles: Oh, she's so pretty. She looks like the woman on an olive oil bottle.

Quote from the episode Maximum Security

Charles: Nice job, Cortez. Oh, I touched her boob. I've got to tell Jake!

Quote from the episode Ticking Clocks

Sergeant Jeffords: We searched everywhere. No hacker.
Charles: Maybe he camouflaged himself. Maybe he's a real-life Peeta Mellark, out there - looking like a river rock.

Quote from the episode The Chopper

Charles: *gasp*
Sorry. Just point at me when you want me to gasp.
Jake: Will do.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Charles: Guys, without Gina, we'll never be able to bend Cyber to our will.
So we need to change tactics. We need to woo them with the international language of friendship. Pork.

Quote from the episode Captain Latvia

Jake: Okay, the door is guarded by the mob. You wanna figure out our plan?
Charles: Already did. Mommy's gonna talk her way in.

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