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Quote from the episode Maximum Security

Captain Holt: Take off your gloves and show us your hands.
Gina: And no scar. He's just a glove-wearing freak with beautiful hands.

Quote from the episode The Night Shift

Gina: [Australian accent] Crikey.
Amy: You're not Australian, Gina.
Gina: Get stuffed, ya drongo.

Quote from the episode Operation Broken Feather

Gina: Sweet sweater, Charles. You look like you're starring in an Albanian remake of The Cosby Show. Dr. Huxtable, Dr. Huxtable.

Quote from the episode Stakeout

Captain Holt: Everyone, this is my nephew Marcus. He's new in town. He's staying with me until he finds a place. He is 31.
Gina: You are a terrible hype-man.

Quote from the episode Stakeout

Gina: Holy Moses. "Bye"?
Rosa: What?
Gina: For you, that's basically walking up to him and jamming your tongue down his throat.
Rosa: Shut up.

Quote from the episode 9 Days

Sergeant Jeffords: That's right, Nine-Nine. That's the sound of the victory bell. We just crossed our first task off the list.
Gina: Oh, my goodness. Terry, that is so great. Which one was it?
Sergeant Jeffords: Fix bell.
Gina: All right. Little less than I had hoped for, but still a thing.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

John Kelly: So you are doing a TV interview? That's cool.
Captain Holt: Why are you smiling?
Gina: 'Cause he's one of those friendly villains, like the Verizon guy who defected to Sprint.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Gina: I'd tell you to pack sunscreen, but Mm, looks like you already got burned.
Charles: Uh-oh, did I? 'Cause my skin still tastes pretty raw.
Gina: Ew.

Quote from the episode Adrian Pimento

Captain Holt: I made an application to the M.C. Guffin Foundation for a grant to upgrade our office equipment. Unfortunately, they require a video submission. I understand you have some filmmaking experience.
Gina: Well, you know, I've been re-Vined by Rob Kardashian, so, yeah, I'm a director.
Here's what I'm picturing: I enter, in, like, a Fellini-style getup. Rosa's dressed like a porcupine-

Quote from the episode Stakeout

Gina: And I'm not a stone-cold bitch. I'm a natural, beautiful presence.

Quote from the episode The Fugitive (Part 2)

Gina: Okay, Charles. This is your final exam.
Amy: We're gonna show you a text and then two potential responses. You need to tell us which is more appropriate.
Gina: Amy writes, "Leaving the virgin festival"
Amy: Gina!
Gina: "Be there in ten minutes." Do you reply, "I'll be counting down the seconds.600, 599, 598, JK, LOL, 597, 596, smiley face, smiley face, cat smiley, thumbs up." Or, "Okay."
Charles: It's a trick question. The text requires no response.
Gina: Charles Boyle, welcome back to the Nine-Nine text chain.

Quote from the episode The Night Shift

Captain Holt: Gina, why aren't you dancing?
Gina: I can't. I'm in the middle of a feud with the "that's not a knife" guy from "Crocodile Dundee." He's being a real bitch.

Quote from the episode Moo Moo

Captain Holt: So if Sharon's still out of town, who's, uh, looking out for Cagney and Lacey?
[cut to Gina and Rosa tied to chairs as Cagney and Lacey dance around them]
Rosa: Argh!
Gina: Argh!

Quote from the episode Jake & Amy

Captain Holt: Oh, my.
Gina: What?
Captain Holt: I just got an email from the mayor's office telling me if I'm the next commissioner of the NYPD.
Gina: Well, well, well, finally something to care about today.

Quote from the episode 9 Days

Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah, but two weeks in charge, and I didn't get any of my goals accomplished.
Gina: You got Hitchcock and Scully off their hunger strike.
Sergeant Jeffords: I just threw a bunch of popcorn on the floor. It wasn't that hard.
Gina: Yeah, they're animals.

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