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Quote from the episode Moo Moo

Captain Holt: So if Sharon's still out of town, who's, uh, looking out for Cagney and Lacey?
[cut to Gina and Rosa tied to chairs as Cagney and Lacey dance around them]
Rosa: Argh!
Gina: Argh!

Quote from the episode Jake & Amy

Captain Holt: Oh, my.
Gina: What?
Captain Holt: I just got an email from the mayor's office telling me if I'm the next commissioner of the NYPD.
Gina: Well, well, well, finally something to care about today.

Quote from the episode 9 Days

Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah, but two weeks in charge, and I didn't get any of my goals accomplished.
Gina: You got Hitchcock and Scully off their hunger strike.
Sergeant Jeffords: I just threw a bunch of popcorn on the floor. It wasn't that hard.
Gina: Yeah, they're animals.

Quote from the episode Gray Star Mutual

Sergeant Jeffords: Bad news, Captain. A water main burst downtown. There's been several injuries.
Captain Holt: Oh, that's unfortunate.
Gina: And the victims are in our blah-blah-blah, but tell him the real tragedy, Terry.
Sergeant Jeffords: Olivia Crawford-
Gina: AKA your main commish competish-
Sergeant Jeffords: Tweeted a statement addressing the water main break, and she's been retweeted by the mayor.

Quote from the episode Bureau

Sergeant Jeffords: There's an article about the Nine-Nine's monthly crime rate. Those numbers aren't supposed to be public until next week.
Gina: Terry, you're gonna have to be more interesting if you want to get an "oh, dang."
Sergeant Jeffords: There's a leak in the Nine-Nine!
Gina: Oh, dang.

Quote from the episode Gray Star Mutual

Captain Holt: Anyway, I don't see how this is bad news.
Gina: Because the commissioner race, like all of life, is a popularity contest, and Olivia is sitting at the hot senior table whilst you are eating lunch alone.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Jake: Thanks for getting there so fast today, sir. Were you able to still do your interview?
Gina: He did not. However, I did so.
[cut to footage of a news interview with Gina, who is gesticulating wildly:]
Gina: The real question is what are police?
Grace Maravilla: I'm sorry. Who are you again?
Gina: They said they've never had more viewer complaints. Controversial and loving it.

Quote from the episode Sabotage

Charles: The muggings were confined to Cabot Street. They began over two months ago.
Gina: Just like this briefing did. Please go to charisma class.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Gina: Charles will tell you believe that Aruba isn't for the Boyles, but picture this: one long banana boat with the 15 of us on it, holding each other by the waist, having the time of our damn lives.

Quote from the episode Cop-Con

Gina: Oh, my God, it's like a She-Scully.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Gina: Y'all know I got y'all aqua socks! Oh! Size 7s for everybody.

Quote from the episode The Tattler

Gina: Can't wait to see everyone we graduated with and lie to them about what I've been up to for my own amusement. It's gonna be Fib City, population: Gina Clooney.

Quote from the episode Adrian Pimento

Captain Holt: Well done, Linetti.
Gina: Sergeant Linetti. I had the fake Holt give me a promotion. He signed the papers and everything.

Quote from the episode Sabotage

Gina: Attention everyone. The tragic sound you hear is the shredding of my spandi. Gina Linetti will never dance again.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Amy: How's little Enigma doing?
Gina: We call her Iggy now, but you're gonna wanna keep it down because she's trying to take a nap, okay, Amy?
Amy: Oh, sure, I just feel like I was matching the same volume that you were speaking at.
Gina: Amy, keep it down.

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