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Quote from the episode Gray Star Mutual

Sergeant Jeffords: Bad news, Captain. A water main burst downtown. There's been several injuries.
Captain Holt: Oh, that's unfortunate.
Gina: And the victims are in our blah-blah-blah, but tell him the real tragedy, Terry.
Sergeant Jeffords: Olivia Crawford-
Gina: AKA your main commish competish-
Sergeant Jeffords: Tweeted a statement addressing the water main break, and she's been retweeted by the mayor.

Quote from the episode Bureau

Sergeant Jeffords: There's an article about the Nine-Nine's monthly crime rate. Those numbers aren't supposed to be public until next week.
Gina: Terry, you're gonna have to be more interesting if you want to get an "oh, dang."
Sergeant Jeffords: There's a leak in the Nine-Nine!
Gina: Oh, dang.

Quote from the episode Gray Star Mutual

Captain Holt: Anyway, I don't see how this is bad news.
Gina: Because the commissioner race, like all of life, is a popularity contest, and Olivia is sitting at the hot senior table whilst you are eating lunch alone.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Jake: Thanks for getting there so fast today, sir. Were you able to still do your interview?
Gina: He did not. However, I did so.
[cut to footage of a news interview with Gina, who is gesticulating wildly:]
Gina: The real question is what are police?
Grace Maravilla: I'm sorry. Who are you again?
Gina: They said they've never had more viewer complaints. Controversial and loving it.

Quote from the episode Sabotage

Charles: The muggings were confined to Cabot Street. They began over two months ago.
Gina: Just like this briefing did. Please go to charisma class.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Gina: Charles will tell you believe that Aruba isn't for the Boyles, but picture this: one long banana boat with the 15 of us on it, holding each other by the waist, having the time of our damn lives.

Quote from the episode Cop-Con

Gina: Oh, my God, it's like a She-Scully.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Gina: Y'all know I got y'all aqua socks! Oh! Size 7s for everybody.

Quote from the episode The Tattler

Gina: Can't wait to see everyone we graduated with and lie to them about what I've been up to for my own amusement. It's gonna be Fib City, population: Gina Clooney.

Quote from the episode Adrian Pimento

Captain Holt: Well done, Linetti.
Gina: Sergeant Linetti. I had the fake Holt give me a promotion. He signed the papers and everything.

Quote from the episode Sabotage

Gina: Attention everyone. The tragic sound you hear is the shredding of my spandi. Gina Linetti will never dance again.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Amy: How's little Enigma doing?
Gina: We call her Iggy now, but you're gonna wanna keep it down because she's trying to take a nap, okay, Amy?
Amy: Oh, sure, I just feel like I was matching the same volume that you were speaking at.
Gina: Amy, keep it down.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Gina: Hey, little man. Why so teeny?
Devin Cathertaur: I'm not teeny. I'm average size.
Gina: [LAUGHS] What a sad brag.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Devin Cathertaur: I don't even know who you are.
Gina: But I know who you are, Devin. You tell everyone you got a degree from Stanford but you really went to Stamforb, an online college based in Arkansas.
Devin Cathertaur: It's a good school.
Gina: You live with your aunt. That's sad. And you spend a third of your salary on tropical fish and aquaria. [LAUGHTER] You know, I found all this off of, hm, 20 minutes of idle snoopin' around. Imagine what I could do with a dedicated couple of hours.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Captain Holt: It's loading! We got Internet!
Gina: All right, I guess my work here is done, guys.
Sergeant Jeffords: How can we ever thank you?
Gina: I'll tell you how. Use this precious Internet. Use it every day. Keep multiple tabs open, stream videos in HD, leave comments on everything you can find. Most importantly, make your avatars GIFs.

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