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Quote from the episode Windbreaker City

Captain Holt: Gina, you know I appreciate you, but you have to admit we're not exactly cut from the same cloth.
Gina: Apparently not. I am, of course, exotic silk, where you, sir, are snake skin.

Quote from the episode Captain Peralta

Gina: Click. I just captured the exact moment you realized you had failed. I guess we all got something out of this.

Quote from the episode Tactical Village

Gina: "Kwazy" with a W, a backwards W.

Quote from the episode The Mattress

Charles: Gina. Gina. Gina, I screwed up, big time.
Gina: Charles, given your daily life experiences, you're gonna have to be more specific.

Quote from the episode Ava

Frederick: No, everything's fine, but I am a little concerned about Sharon's blood pressure. And this is a terrible environment.
Jake: I wouldn't call it terrible.
Frederick: We're surrounded by criminals, there's no bed, and you can hear the faint sound of someone screaming through all the vents.
Gina: That's Hitchcock. His arm's stuck in a pneumatic tube. It's hilarious.

Quote from the episode The Negotiation

Charles: Hey, guys. Uh, can we talk?
Amy: Let me guess, you got overwhelmed and had to use our six-sandwich technique.
Charles: No, my one at a time system worked perfectly.
Amy: Oh.
Charles: It's just, making Nana Boyle's meatball recipe got me thinking a lot about her-
Amy: And let me guess, you realized she'd be ashamed of how you acted?
Charles: No, Nana Boyle was a monster. She once yelled at me so loud, I fainted.
She was a hateful witch. She died with no friends.
Gina: And let me guess, you realized you were acting just like her and you felt terrible?
Charles: Yes.
Gina: You see, Amy? You don't do "and let me guess" until you're sure you're right.

Quote from the episode Jake & Amy

Amy: Boyle, I don't even have a dress.
Charles: You can wear Gina's. I'm sure it's white.
Amy: There's no way Gina was gonna wear a white dress to my wedding.
Gina: No, I definitely was.
Amy: What?
Gina: I thought you'd just wear a Grey pantsuit or something. I would never wear a Grey pantsuit to your wedding, I promise you that.

Quote from the episode The Overmining

Sergeant Jeffords: Seriously? The heater's under your skirt?
Gina: Maybe. You can't prove that.
Sergeant Jeffords: Yeah, I can. There's a cord running under it, and I think you may be on fire.
Gina: Mm, so?
Sergeant Jeffords: What do you mean "so"?
Gina: I'm not giving up Jacinta.
Sergeant Jeffords: You are on fire, Gina. You do not have the upper hand in this situation.
Gina: I always have the upper hand.
Sergeant Jeffords: Not when there's flames shooting out of your butt!
Gina: Especially when there's flames shooting out of my butt.

Quote from the episode The Puzzle Master

Captain Holt: Fine, fine, tell me everything.
Gina: All right, have a seat. It's Gina time. Say hello to your compe-tish. Bryan McCann, John Kelly, and John Kelly. Yes, that's right, there are two John Kellys.
Captain Holt: How are these not the same man?
Gina: You should see their wives. Or should I say, wife.
Captain Holt: Good God!

Quote from the episode Chasing Amy

Charles: No, that's the Boyle family sourdough starter. It's fed us for 140 years. The bread it births is succulent and firm. Tang for days.
Gina: I hate so many of the words you just used.

Quote from the episode Halloween IV

Gina: I came back, wearing the perfect disguise to make sure I was never noticed by anyone. Something so drab and uninspiring-
Amy: This feels like it's gonna be a dig on me.
Gina: I wore Amy's clothes.
Amy: There it is.

Quote from the episode Karen Peralta

Captain Holt: This just might work out after all.
Gina: You're damn right it will, 'cause we're a ragtag, scrappity, fart-dumb, moron parade, smart-ass team!

Quote from the episode The Swedes

Amy: Okay, let's talk planets. Jupiter is a gas giant.
Gina: So's Hitchcock. How does this help me?

Quote from the episode Serve & Protect

Gina: We've been going for a while you feeling hungry?
Sergeant Jeffords: Starving, thanks. [Gina throws the yogurt against the wall] Oh, come on!
Gina: You get a yogurt when I get the truth.
Amy: Oh God, it's in the grout. It's gonna smell in here forever.

Quote from the episode The Pontiac Bandit Returns

Charles: Gina, you need to see this.
Gina: Oh, Charles. I can't take that. It's clearly not cash, and I don't have time in my life to return things.

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