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Quote from the episode Game Night

Sergeant Jeffords: I was thinking more like a pizza party when you come back in two weeks.
Gina: Oh, yeah. So here's the thing: I'm not coming back.
Captain Holt: What?
Charles: Seriously?
Gina: Yeah, listen, I have a daughter now and when she grows up I wanna be doing something that makes her proud. So I'm starting my own company.
Amy: Ooh! What is it?
Gina: I'm running a sports league for other people's pets.
Captain Holt: Ohh.
Charles: Well, Gina, as your colleague, best friend, brother and ex-lover-
Gina: Ugh.
Charles: I fully support your dreams, but do you really wanna leave?
Gina: My mind is made up. And so this is Gina Linetti's last grand exit from the Nine-Nine.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Charles: So, since you're not coming back, we wanted to bring you all your stuff.
It's a lot of gum and what seem to be blackmail files you've been keeping on all of us?
Gina: I'm not a blackmailer. If you tell anyone I am, I will release your secrets.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Charles: Look, we know you want your daughter to be proud of the work that you do. I just hope you know how important you've been to the Nine-Nine.
Amy: Yeah, just today, I was able to pull a warrant and arrest the guy I've been tracking for three months because you got the internet back. You're indispensible and we're really gonna miss you.
Gina: And I loved the Nine-Nine, you guys. It just feels like it's time for me to, like, build something of my own.
Like my entrepreneurial idols, Oprah Winfrey, Lex Luthor-
Charles: The Superman villain?
Gina: He built an empire, didn't he?
Charles: Yeah.

Quote from the episode Game Night

Charles: Admit it. Amy and I changed your mind.
Gina: All right, it was you guys. I actually even cried a little bit after you left my apartment.
Charles: Aw.
Amy: Oh! I made Gina Linetti cry?
Gina: Hey, calm down. I had a baby ten weeks ago. I cried to a carpet cleaner commercial yesterday.

Quote from the episode Charges and Specs

Gina: I know we're all concerned about Boyle, but again, there is a solution. Forget your ex with meaningless sex. It rhymes because it's true.

Quote from the episode Bureau

Sergeant Jeffords: Maybe you leaked it.
Gina: Excuse me?
Sergeant Jeffords: I'm not saying you did it on purpose. Maybe you left the file on the subway. I mean, you don't take your job very seriously.
Gina: Whoa. We're about to have our first fight as a couple, Terrence. First of all, I take my job very seriously. That's why I'm here right now, helping you, and I'm the only one doing it. Or, I was, until you insulted me. Now watch me walk away. I said watch me!

Quote from the episode Chocolate Milk

Gina: Ugh. I didn't strike you when you said knocking boots, but Bone Bros. I can not abide.

Quote from the episode Lockdown

Amy: Jake, what are you doing? This is a crisis.
Jake: I'm trying to keep morale up, because Hazmat said it's almost definitely a hoax.
Gina: Almost? What if it's Anthrax? We are all 100% gonna die!

Quote from the episode The Pontiac Bandit Returns

Charles: How did you do that?
Gina: I always open my gifts in advance, so I can rehearse my reactions and nail those Christmas-morning candids. Check it out. Be-wonderment. (Gasps) Disbe-loving it. Sparkle-surprise.

Quote from the episode Adrian Pimento

Rosa: I don't understand why I'm on a wheelchair.
Gina: Cut! For the last time, Rosa, through the magic of special effects, the wheelchair will turn into a horse, but I need you to work with me. Give me a little "hee-yah! Hee-yah!"

Quote from the episode Greg and Larry

Gina: Oh-ho, Terry took you down!

Quote from the episode Game Night

Gina: No, sorry, I can't. That's precinct business and, well, I've left that life behind.
Amy: But your maternity leave is over in two weeks.
Gina: Amy, volume, okay? [louder] Volume!

Quote from the episode Game Night

Gina: Oh! And maybe your co-workers would like to know what happened on your 7th grade field trip to D.C.
Devin Cathertaur: You monster.
Gina: He pooped in the Reflecting Pool.

Quote from the episode The Mole

Gina: We hooked up once last summer and then the nightmare started again about a month ago.

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