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Quote from the episode Safe House

Hitchcock: Ooh, are you guys building a nap nest? Mind if we burrow?
Amy: No!

Quote from the episode The Puzzle Master

Sergeant Jeffords: Fine. We'll do a drawing for it. But until then, no one touches it.
Hitchcock: Oops, too late. I left a ranch handprint on the windshield.

Quote from the episode The Puzzle Master

Scully: Speak for yourself, sister. We found a smoking gun. Play it, Hitchcock.
Hitchcock: Voila.
Scully: Bah-boom.
Rosa: What, I don't see anything.
Hitchcock: Focus on the butt. The butt don't lie.
Scully: He squeezed his cheeks before he opened the slip. He knew his name was on it.
Hitchcock: It was a pre-emptive celebration clench.

Quote from the episode Bachelor/ette Party

Hitchcock: I'm Lucious Lyon. Record executive at Executive Records.

Quote from the episode Show Me Going

Rosa: Dude, he's an NYPD legend. I heard he took down three serial killers in one week.
Sergeant Jeffords: I heard he defused a bomb with his teeth because his hands were tied up.
Hitchcock: I heard he bangs constantly.
Jake: Hitchcock, no chime-ins for you.

Quote from the episode Show Me Going

Captain Holt: I know you're all concerned about Rosa, but she's not going in alone. She's part of a massive NYPD response.
Amy: And it's Rosa, right? I mean, she's a badass. She's the toughest of all of us. No offense, guys.
Sergeant Jeffords: No, that's accurate.
Jake: Very fair.
Hitchcock: I could take her. What? I'm wily.

Quote from the episode Show Me Going

Scully: I'm so sorry, how's your penis?
Hitchcock: Sore. How's your penis?
Scully: Sore.
Hitchcock: I'm proud of us.

Quote from the episode White Whale

Hitchcock: I am so sick of this city. I go into a coffee shop, and as soon as everybody sees that I'm a cop, they stop talking and they avoid eye contact with me. One lady even walked out. I am just so tired of being treated like the enemy.
Jake: Hey, Hitchcock? Your penis is hanging out.
Hitchcock: Oh. Well, that's a relief.

Quote from the episode The Night Shift

Amy: Rosa? What the hell? She said she was in the bathroom again.
Hitchcock: Nah, she hasn't been to the bathroom since 8:27.
Amy: [yelling] What? Also ew.

Quote from the episode Captain Latvia

Rosa: Our angel's a criminal.
Captain Holt: And our angel is drunk.
Hitchcock: Ha, ha, ha. The angel puked.

Quote from the episode The Last Ride

Sergeant Jeffords: Okay, we're making progress on your phone. We went to the bar where it was taken- Wait, why are you in handcuffs?
Greg: Because I've been arrested.
Rosa: What? By who?
Hitchcock: Hitchcock, baby.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Young Hitchcock: Gio Costa, you're under arrest.
Young Scully: You want that drink now, Hitchcock?
Young Hitchcock: Don't mind if I do, Scully. Don't mind if I do.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Jake: So, Hitchcock, what's the deal with the secret van?
Hitchcock: Oh, nothing. It's where I sleep during my divorces. If this van's a-rocking, my ex-wife's a-locking me, out of her house.
Jake: Catchy.

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Jake: All right, listen up, everybody. We're NYPD. If you could all please head to the back exit immediately. Leave the wings, Hitchcock.
Hitchcock: No!

Quote from the episode Hitchcock & Scully

Scully: Look, Jake, it's the slut sauce!
Hitchcock: It's perfect!

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