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Quote from the episode White Whale

Sergeant Jeffords: Look, being a good husband is about caring enough to try.
This whole day, you've been doing everything possible to make sure Amy was happy.
You keep doing that, you gonna be okay, even if you make some mistakes.

Quote from the episode The Fugitive (Part 2)

Sergeant Jeffords: I'm gonna find this bastard. I don't need this [Afghan] anymore. I should take my jacket, though. I mean, it's January. I ain't crazy.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Jake: Tell him about the inscription.
Sergeant Jeffords: You probably don't remember, but 30 years ago, I wrote you a letter telling you how lonely and sad I was, and you sent me a book with the inscription, "We all write our own stories," and it changed my life.
D.C. Parlov: I do remember you.
Sergeant Jeffords: You do?
D.C. Parlov: I do indeed, and I'm delighted you made something of yourself. As the Cloud Rock says-
Both: "You found yourself in your struggle."
Jake: Wow.
Both: "The truth is what you came for, and you found it within your strife."
Jake: Well, that was cool.
Both: "Be brave for Tolgan."
Jake: There's more.
Both: "Tolgan the last, Tolgan the first, Tolgan."
Jake: "Tolgan." Is it over?
Sergeant Jeffords: Yes. This is the best day of my life.
Jake: You have three kids, Terry.
Sergeant Jeffords: I said what I said!
Jake: All right.

Quote from the episode Ticking Clocks

Jake: What's all this?
Charles: Drunken brawl broke out between to sororities. We're keeping the Lambda Nus up here, and the Kappa Gamma Kappas are in holding on two. They're all so mean.
Sergeant Jeffords: They're kids, Boyle. I'm sure they're just scared.
Heather Monitz-Glausch: Yeah, we're just scared kids. Can we please go home now?
Sergeant Jeffords: I'm sorry, we have to process you, but I promise we'll go as fast as we can.
Heather Monitz-Glausch: I hope you get shot in the line of duty.
Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, my God.

Quote from the episode Maximum Security

Sergeant Jeffords: You said there's nothing you can do to bring him back, but you're wrong. None of us are gonna stop fighting until he comes home.
Rosa: Thanks.
Sergeant Jeffords: And if you ever need to talk, or get drunk, or throw stuff off a roof, I mean, I don't know your process. Am I hitting on anything here?
Rosa: The roof thing sounds pretty good.

Quote from the episode Into the Woods

Jake: Oh, come on, Sarge. It's gonna be fun. You remember fun, right?
Sergeant Jeffords: What's that supposed to mean?
Jake: Nothing. It's just I planned this awesome guys' weekend for us, and all you can think about is Lyme disease.
Sergeant Jeffords: Untrue. I'm thinking about all tick-borne diseases anaplasmosis, tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
You know, maybe I could just chill out a little.

Quote from the episode Moo Moo

Captain Holt: Terry, I know you're upset, but this is the right thing to do.
You're this close to the City Council position, and that's just the beginning.
It would be a shame to jeopardize that.
Sergeant Jeffords: Look, I get that the guys in our precinct wouldn't profile me, but it still happened only one precinct over.
Captain Holt: Which is why you need to keep pushing forward in your career, so that you can change the system. Terry, you're a great cop. You could become a chief or higher.
Sergeant Jeffords: How long will it take to make change that way? Maldack is on the street now.

Quote from the episode Captain Peralta

Jake: Ooh, you can interrogate one of my perps.
Sergeant Jeffords: No, he can't. Don't do that, Jake.

Quote from the episode Return to Skyfire

Jake: Terry, do you copy?
Sergeant Jeffords: I copy.
Jake: Seriously? You're still mad at me?
Sergeant Jeffords: All I said was "I copy."
Jake: Yeah, but you had a tone. Just admit it.
Rosa: Let it go, Jake.
Sergeant Jeffords: No, he's right. Terry had a tone. Terry had a big-time tone.

Quote from the episode The Night Shift

Captain Holt: Fine, I guess I'll just stop the party.
Sergeant Jeffords: I didn't realize it ever started.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Sergeant Jeffords: Uh, This writing doesn't match up. I'm gonna send it to the lab anyway.
Jake: Yeah, I don't think that's necessary.
Sergeant Jeffords: Why not?
Jake: Because I just found a perfect match. Parlov wrote the death threats. He sent them to himself.
Sergeant Jeffords: Terry did not see that coming.

Quote from the episode Skyfire Cycle

Jake: And that is a perfect match.
Sergeant Jeffords: This is crazy. Why would Parlov send himself a death threat?
Jake: For publicity? I mean, he was on TV. His book is on the best-seller list for the first time in years.
Sergeant Jeffords: Parlov doesn't need any help. He's already famous, rich. He's got more babes than he can handle.
Jake: Come on, that guy? Now you're just lying to prove a point.
Sergeant Jeffords: He pulls, Jake. He pulls.
Jake: Ugh.

Quote from the episode Suicide Squad

Sergeant Jeffords: She's still standing there.
Rosa: Oh, since we got time, you wanna talk about your good-bye party? Will you eat a cake, or does it have to be boneless chicken breast?
Sergeant Jeffords: Sure. 70-year-old Terry can eat whatever he wants. You are talking about my retirement party, right? 20 years from now.
Rosa: Dude, you know I'm not talking about that. What do you think is gonna happen at the end of the week?
Sergeant Jeffords: I don't know, but I do know what's gonna happen right now. Topic change. You ever wonder where wind starts? I have. Wind is crazy.
Rosa: You need to face facts.
Sergeant Jeffords: About wind? I'm trying, but you won't engage. Why you in denial about wind, Rosa?

Quote from the episode The Audit

Sergeant Jeffords: You took two weeks off when Kourtney and Scott Disick broke up. Are you sure you're ready to be back at work now?

Quote from the episode Suicide Squad

Rosa: You know, I know I just got here, but it feels like everything's falling apart.
Jake: No, everything's going great, Rosa.
Sergeant Jeffords: Hey, cool. I'm not the only one that's in denial. It's catching on.

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