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Quote from Gina in the episode Tactical Village

Boyle: These, Madam, are STDs.
Jake: What are you talking about, buddy?
Boyle: STDs. Save the Dates. For Vivian and my wedding.
Jake: Ah, yes. Hey, just out of curiosity. How many people have you given STDs to?
Boyle: Lots. Like a hundred.
*Everybody but Boyle laughing*
Boyle: Oh, I get it. STD has another meaning. You're gross. Noone else is gonna think that.
Amy: Everyone else is gonna think that. But it's sweet that your mind didn't go there.
Boyle: You're right it is sweet.
Amy: Will your first dance be to You Give Me Fever?
Sergeant Jeffords: Will you be serving crabs at the reception?
Gina: Do you have herpes?

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