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Quote from Gina in the episode Game Night

Sergeant Jeffords: I was thinking more like a pizza party when you come back in two weeks.
Gina: Oh, yeah. So here's the thing: I'm not coming back.
Captain Holt: What?
Charles: Seriously?
Gina: Yeah, listen, I have a daughter now and when she grows up I wanna be doing something that makes her proud. So I'm starting my own company.
Amy: Ooh! What is it?
Gina: I'm running a sports league for other people's pets.
Captain Holt: Ohh.
Charles: Well, Gina, as your colleague, best friend, brother and ex-lover-
Gina: Ugh.
Charles: I fully support your dreams, but do you really wanna leave?
Gina: My mind is made up. And so this is Gina Linetti's last grand exit from the Nine-Nine.

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