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Quote from Gina in the episode Safe House

Gina: Rosa, repeat after me and don't change a thing. Can I tell you the craziest story? One time I was like so drunk-
Rosa: [parroting Gina] And this meathead comes up to me. And his body is hot, but his face is like okay. So I'm like, what?
Gina: And I was like, bitch, I'm not gonna sleep with you just because you promised to take me to the Bahamas.
Rosa: [parroting Gina] Take me to the Bahamas first and then we'll see what happens, okay?
Gina: I was only with him because he drove a Jaguar.
Rosa: [parroting Gina] Turns out it was a Mercury with a Thundercat taped to the hood.
Gina: And that relationship lasted for three months.
Rosa: [parroting Gina] I don't know why we broke up. I guess we just grew apart when he went to prison for life.

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