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Quote from the episode The Night Shift

Detective Lohank: Did you solve your case yet?
Jake: No.
Detective Lohank: Night shift, am I right? You remind me of me.
Jake: It's not the night shift, okay? I found the perp, and I would've taken him down, but I'm hobbled, and I didn't have a partner because ever since Boyle had a son, that's all he can focus on.
Detective Lohank: Whoa, hey, are you angry at Boyle for having a kid?
Jake: No, I'm just mad because I'm working the night shift, and I have to use a cane, and, yes, the one thing I could always count on no matter what Boyle being there for me is also gone.
Detective Lohank: What do you say we let day shift Lohank take a crack at this? I'm gonna put a little something up in the old hopper. You tell me if it vibes with you.
Jake: That's so gross.
Detective Lohank: Life moves forwards, not backwards, and things will never be as they were. And you can be angry about that, or you can embrace the fact that your best friend now has a son. How cool is that, amigo?
Jake: Ugh, "amigo." All right, fine, yes, I'll admit it, it is pretty cool. Boyle's wanted it for a very long time. I guess I haven't actually spent that much time with Nikolaj yet.
Detective Lohank: [correcting] Nikolaj.
Jake: Man, am I seriously about to take emotional advice from Lohank?
Detective Lohank: You know you want to, compadre. Go to him.

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