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Quote from Charles in the episode Captain Latvia

Charles: Hey, you Melvin?
Melvin: I am, who are you?
Charles: I'm Charles, from being on hold, and I want my package.
Melvin: Yeah, I already told you, that package isn't here.
Charles: Well, I made a sacred promise to my son, and you're not gonna make a liar out of me, so why don't you take another look? We'll wait. 'Cause we've got all night long. [Charles picks up Melvin's mug and smashes it in his hand]
Jake: Damn.
Charles: Oh, I don't know if you knew this, but I'm a cop. So maybe this time, don't lie to me.
Melvin: Hey, I didn't know you guys were police.
Charles: Well, now you do, genius. [Charles smashes another mug]
Jake: How do you keep doing that?
Charles: I don't know.

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