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Quote from in the episode Suicide Squad

Jake: Gentlemen, may I present to you the Suicide Squad.
The Vulture: Hang on there, genius. You want us, your enemies, to help you bring down Commissioner Kelly?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: You guys consider me your enemy? You're some of my best friends.
Jake: We haven't talked to you in, like, three years, C.J.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Wait, yeah. I'm thinking of different guys.

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Quote from the episode The Overmining

Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: But the bag is missing, so - Hey, how big of a deal is it if I, um, if I never find it?
Jake: I'd say it's a very-
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Ah-uh-uh-uh. Sugarcoat it for me.
Jake: Okay, um, no biggie.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Ahh, that is great news. Thank you so much. Hey, if you see something, say something. Oh, that is catchy, huh? It's like, I just made up a hit song.
Jake: Nope, very common police expression.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: If you see somethin' say somethin', come on and party tonight.

Quote from the episode The Overmining

Captain Holt: Uh, can I help you, Captain Stentley?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Oh, hey, uh, did you guys see a black backpack sitting around anywhere?
Captain Holt: I did not.
Jake: No.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Aww, shoot, this is turning out to be a real cluster-biff.
Jake: Why? What's in the backpack?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Uh, just some evidence. Do you guys know a drug dealer named Flaco?
Captain Holt: Oh, yeah, he's a big-time supplier, consolidated half the territory in Brooklyn.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Well, the bag belongs to one of his runners, and it contains, like, a football's worth of cocaine. I'm not good with sizes. And a cell phone.
Jake: And you think that the cell phone might have Intel that could lead us to Flaco.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: I do now. That's a great theory!

Quote from the episode Suicide Squad

Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: My name is Captain Jason Stentley. It's Friday night I think. There's no windows in here. This morning, I was kidnapped for real-
Jake: Stop.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: What? What was wrong with that?
Jake: You said you were kidnapped "for real."
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Well, I don't want people to think I was fake kidnapped. You know? I'm selling it.
Jake: Okay, let's just do it again. Say you were kidnapped and nothing else.
Amy: Now he's gonna add "nothing else."
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: She's right.
Jake: Okay, fine, one more time. Take 12. Just say kidnapped.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Okay. Kidnapped.

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Quote from Scully

Amy: Oh, wait. Before we decide Scully, what's your basement like?
Scully: Bunch of old Victorian wallpaper that came with the house. I tried to peel it off, but the wall underneath was covered with fingernail scratches.
Amy: Ooh.

Quote from Scully

Jake: Hitchcock, can you top it?
Hitchcock: Mine has mother's hospital bed.
Amy: Okay, Scully?
Scully: I got this one red door I've never been able to open and I hear screams behind it sometimes. But it's probably just the wind.
Jake: Okay, that's actually too scary.

Quote from Captain Holt

Jake: The point is, without any good leads, Kelly will give the order to use the stingray an order that we will record thanks to our very own Madeline Wuntch.
Madeline Wuntch: Not possible. Kelly won't tell me anything. He won't even meet with me.
Captain Holt: Perhaps you can sneak in disguised as an old leather chair.

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