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Quote from in the episode Suicide Squad

Jake: Gentlemen, may I present to you the Suicide Squad.
The Vulture: Hang on there, genius. You want us, your enemies, to help you bring down Commissioner Kelly?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: You guys consider me your enemy? You're some of my best friends.
Jake: We haven't talked to you in, like, three years, C.J.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Wait, yeah. I'm thinking of different guys.

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Quote from the episode The Overmining

Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: But the bag is missing, so - Hey, how big of a deal is it if I, um, if I never find it?
Jake: I'd say it's a very-
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Ah-uh-uh-uh. Sugarcoat it for me.
Jake: Okay, um, no biggie.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Ahh, that is great news. Thank you so much. Hey, if you see something, say something. Oh, that is catchy, huh? It's like, I just made up a hit song.
Jake: Nope, very common police expression.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: If you see somethin' say somethin', come on and party tonight.

Quote from the episode The Overmining

Captain Holt: Uh, can I help you, Captain Stentley?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Oh, hey, uh, did you guys see a black backpack sitting around anywhere?
Captain Holt: I did not.
Jake: No.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Aww, shoot, this is turning out to be a real cluster-biff.
Jake: Why? What's in the backpack?
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Uh, just some evidence. Do you guys know a drug dealer named Flaco?
Captain Holt: Oh, yeah, he's a big-time supplier, consolidated half the territory in Brooklyn.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Well, the bag belongs to one of his runners, and it contains, like, a football's worth of cocaine. I'm not good with sizes. And a cell phone.
Jake: And you think that the cell phone might have Intel that could lead us to Flaco.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: I do now. That's a great theory!

Quote from the episode Suicide Squad

Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: My name is Captain Jason Stentley. It's Friday night I think. There's no windows in here. This morning, I was kidnapped for real-
Jake: Stop.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: What? What was wrong with that?
Jake: You said you were kidnapped "for real."
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Well, I don't want people to think I was fake kidnapped. You know? I'm selling it.
Jake: Okay, let's just do it again. Say you were kidnapped and nothing else.
Amy: Now he's gonna add "nothing else."
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: She's right.
Jake: Okay, fine, one more time. Take 12. Just say kidnapped.
Captain C.J. Jason Stentley: Okay. Kidnapped.

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Quote from Scully

Jake: Hitchcock, can you top it?
Hitchcock: Mine has mother's hospital bed.
Amy: Okay, Scully?
Scully: I got this one red door I've never been able to open and I hear screams behind it sometimes. But it's probably just the wind.
Jake: Okay, that's actually too scary.

Quote from Scully

Amy: Oh, wait. Before we decide Scully, what's your basement like?
Scully: Bunch of old Victorian wallpaper that came with the house. I tried to peel it off, but the wall underneath was covered with fingernail scratches.
Amy: Ooh.

Quote from Captain Holt

Captain Holt: And what do you hope to get out of this, Madeline? Let me guess revenge on Dorothy for killing your sister?

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