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Quote from Officer Debbie Fogle in the episode The Jimmy Jab Games II

Officer Debbie Fogle: Do you really think they liked it?
Charles: It doesn't matter what other people think. What matters is that you can do anything you put your mind to, because in the end, my bearded lady, the beard was under you, the greatest showman.
Officer Debbie Fogle: You're right. I can do anything.
[cut to Officer Debbie Fogle in the evidence room:]
Officer Debbie Fogle: Anything I put my mind to. [singing] Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, oh.

Officer Debbie Fogle Quotes

Quote from the episode Debbie

Jake: Oh, man, grabbing Debbie was a big mistake.
Silvio Nucci: What do you mean by...?
Officer Debbie Fogle: Hi-ya!
Amy: Whoa, Debbie, that was amazing.
Officer Debbie Fogle: Thanks. By the way, Jake thinks you smell like [bleep].
Jake: What? That's weird. I don't know why she said that. Anyways, let's get Debbie into a cop car.

Quote from the episode Manhunter

Captain Holt: So, do you have any orders for me, sir?
Jake: Well, I do actually still need those cones picked up.
Captain Holt: We're on it.
Officer Debbie Fogle: We got cone duty? Yes! Best birthday yet.
Jake: It's your birthday?

Quote from the episode Manhunter

Jake: [over radio] Officer Holt? Officer Holt, do you copy?
Frank Murwin: Okay, cop. Turn it off.
Officer Debbie Fogle: Nice try. My partner doesn't follow orders.
Captain Holt: Debbie, you're misreading the situation.
Officer Debbie Fogle: Oh. I'm so sorry. We both... both follow orders.

'The Jimmy Jab Games II' Quotes

Quote from Captain Holt

Captain Holt: So Diaz, I figured out why you wanna win. I hacked your work calendar.
Rosa: Those calendars are public. Everyone on the system has access.
Captain Holt: I hacked it. I'm a hacker.

Quote from Jake

Charles: Damn it, my pants. Sorry, everyone. Look away, look away.
Jake: Oh, damn.
Amy: Wow, who knew?
Jake: He really is the greatest showman.

Quote from Hitchcock

Charles: Okay, here we go, everyone. The game begins when the elevator doors ding. Are you ready for the Hellevator?
Hitchcock: Buckle up. The juice is loose! I am, Hitchcock!
Jake: What the [bleep]?

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