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Quote from Sergeant Jeffords in the episode The Big House Pt.1

Sergeant Jeffords: So, how's prison?
Rosa: Nobody likes cops in here, so I had to earn their respect by starting a bunch of riots.
Got thrown in solitary for a week. What's going on with your face?
Sergeant Jeffords: I hate seeing you like this, so I'm flexing my eyes real hard to keep from crying.

Sergeant Jeffords Quotes

Quote from the episode The Slump

Charles: Hey, Sarge. I need someone to fill out a line up. Will you be scary Terry?
Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, I love being Scary Terry. He says what regular Terry's thinking.
[cut to:
Sergeant Jeffords: This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmer's market!

Quote from the episode The Tagger

Sergeant Jeffords: You should take my minivan.
Rosa: A minivan? Ha ha.
Sergeant Jeffords: You all got a problem with my minivan? Because my wife doesn't like it either. She wanted an SUV, but those things roll, man. They roll!

Quote from the episode Beach House

Sergeant Jeffords: I'm playing Kwazy Cupcakes, I'm hydrated as hell, and I'm listening to Sheryl Crow. I've got my own party going on.

'The Big House Pt.1' Quotes

Quote from Charles

Sergeant Jeffords: Boyle! Were you dreaming about Jake again?
Charles: Why did you wake me up?! I told you never to wake me up!

Quote from Captain Holt

Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, also, she's worried about her motorcycle sitting idle, so she wants us to take it out once a day. Here.
Captain Holt: I think you should do this. You're more the biker type. I've seen you use a toothpick in public.
Sergeant Jeffords: Motorcycles are death machines. I have three kids. I'm not risking it.
Captain Holt: Are you saying my life matters less because I don't conform to society's heteronormative, child-centric ideals?
Sergeant Jeffords: Are you really playing the gay card right now?
Captain Holt: Yas, queen. *tosses keys, snaps fingers*

Quote from Rosa

Rosa: Oh, were you able to send that email to Adrian?
Captain Holt: Oh, yes, he wrote back right away. It wasn't as graphic as I feared. He wrote the number eight, equal sign, equal sign, equal sign, equal sign, equal sign, equal sign, equal sign, capital D. Oh! I see what this is. This is a-
Rosa: Yup.

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