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Quote from in the episode Captain Latvia

Nikolaj Boyle: It's a police man, just like you, Papa. This is the coolest present ever. "I'm Detective Papa, and I'm going to go to the Farmers Market.
I hope they have aged Gouda."

Nikolaj Boyle Quotes

Quote from the episode Captain Latvia

Nikolaj Boyle: They're really bad singers, Papa.
Charles: Yes, they are. They're horrible.

'Captain Latvia' Quotes

Quote from Captain Holt

Sergeant Jeffords: I hate that we lose to those pasty-assed mole people every year.
Captain Holt: Oh, there's no point in mincing your words. They're knaves!
Gina: Captain, you kiss Kevin with that mouth?
Captain Holt: You bet I do. And tonight, I'm gonna sing with it. We're taking down the MTA.

Quote from Jake

Jake: Hey there, Nikolaj, my man. How you doing?
Nikolaj Boyle: Hi, Jake, we made Daddy Latvian Christmas cookies. Want one?
Jake: You bet I do.
Genevieve: The potato really brings out the vinegar.
Jake: Neither of those are cookie things. I'm just gonna put that back.

Quote from Jake

Jake: Trust me, it's gonna be fine.
Charles: Really? 'Cause you said that about "Die Hard 5," Jake.
Jake: Oh. It's not gonna be fine.

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