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Quote from in the episode The Audit

Teddy: Standing in the briefing room a space that is approximately 50 feet by 40 feet. Actually, you know what? 55 feet by 40 feet. No, 52 feet by 41 feet. I'll just look at the blueprints at the City Planner's office. Hello, weekend plans.

Teddy Quotes

Quote from the episode Jake & Amy

Teddy: First of all, there's nothing inherently creepy about a wall of Amy photos.

Quote from the episode Jake & Amy

Teddy: Yeah, I felt bad about how everything went down today, so I offered to help.
Jake: Oh, that's nice.
Teddy: Also, are you guys doing that thing where someone gets to object to this union, or is that later?
Amy: We're not doing that.
Teddy: You've outsmarted me. Congratulations.

Quote from the episode The Audit

Teddy: When we were going together, I was boring. It took our breakup for me to realize that.
Amy: So you're not still mad at me?
Teddy: No, no, no, you changed me. I found my wild side. My girlfriend and I do 5Ks now. We took a two-week trip to San Diego last year. The energy of that place is electric.

'The Audit' Quotes

Quote from Captain Holt

Sergeant Jeffords: There's something I'd like to show you, Captain.
(Japanese copier starts up)
Captain Holt: "Terry crushed it." It works! I've never been more proud of you for anything in your life.
Sergeant Jeffords: I mean, I've solved a lot of cases for you.
Captain Holt: And yet crime has continued.

Quote from Amy

Jake: Why'd you have to say he was boring?
Amy: Because he is boring. His favorite app on his phone is "contacts."

Quote from Jake

Jake: He's gonna shut this place down, and we're gonna get shipped off to separate precincts. I don't think our relationship can survive that.
Amy: I mean, even if we don't work together, we can still be a couple.
Jake: If I don't see you every day, I will forget who you are. I'm like a goldfish.

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