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# Episode Title Original Air Date User Rating
201 Undercover September 28, 2014 4.0
When Jake finishes his undercover FBI operation, he learns one of the mobsters got away. Jake returns undercover with the help of Charles. Meanwhile, the squad creaks under the pressure when Holt tests them with repeated practice drills.
202 Chocolate Milk October 5, 2014 4.5
When Jake offers to drive Sergeant Jeffords to the hospital for his vasectomy, Terry tells Jake he thinks of him as "work friend" - not a friend friend. When a drugged up Terry admits he isn't sure he wants the vasectomy, Jake tries to prevent the operation. Meanwhile, Captain Holt is in a precarious position when an enemy from his past returns in a position of power.
203 The Jimmy Jab Games October 12, 2014 3.5
When a foreign president's motorcade is delayed and the Captain and Terry leave for a meeting, Jake launches the "Jimmy Jab Games". Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Terry must argue for funding of a new drug task force from Holt's nemesis, Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch.
204 Halloween II October 19, 2014 3.7
For the second Halloween running, Jake and Captain Holt wage a bet with Jake aiming to steal the Captain's watch before midnight. Meanwhile, after Gina bails on work, she's upset to find herself kicked out of her dance troupe.
205 The Mole November 2, 2014 4.5
When an Internal Affairs investigator arrives at the precinct, Jake and Captain Holt work to uncover the mole in their department. Meanwhile, Terry and Rosa go undercover at a "silent disco" as part of their giggle pig drug task force.
206 Jake and Sophia November 9, 2014 3.7
Jake hits it off with a woman at a bar, only to discover she is the defense attorney working the case of a perp he's trying to put in jail. Meanwhile, Charles and Gina try to put their relationship behind them.
207 Lockdown November 16, 2014 4.0
After Jake is left in charge of the precinct on Thanksgiving night, a suspicious package containing a white powder causes the precinct to go into lock down.
208 USPIS November 23, 2014 4.3
While they attempt to catch a drug dealer, Jake and Charles are forced to join forces with the nerdy lead investigator of the U.S. Postal Service, Jack Danger. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad helps Amy quit smoking.
209 The Road Trip November 30, 2014 3.7
When Jake and Amy are forced to stay in a romantic hotel overnight while transporting a criminal, Jake turns the trip into a romantic retreat by inviting his girlfriend, Sophia, and Amy's boyfriend, Teddy. Meanwhile, Charles is eager to help Captain Holt when he asks for cooking advice, while Rosa refuses to admit she is sick.
210 The Pontiac Bandit Returns December 7, 2014 4.5
When Jake and Rosa catch the Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy, who betrayed them on a previous case, he bargains for a plea deal by promising to turn in a top "Giggle Pig" supplier. Meanwhile, Gina and Boyle worry their parents are getting to close, while Amy ignores the Captain's wishes and makes him a unique Christmas gift.
211 Stakeout December 14, 2014 4.0
When Jake and Charles volunteer to spend eight days on a stakeout together, their friendship is strained. Meanwhile, Captain Holt's nephew, Marcus, catches Rosa's eye when he visits Brooklyn.
212 Beach House January 4, 2015 4.7
The squad are looking forward to spending the weekend at Charles' beach house on a detectives-only getaway, until Jake invites the Captain along. Meanwhile, Boyle helps Rosa send romantic texts to Marcus, while Gina tries to get Amy drunk for her own amusement.
213 Payback January 11, 2015 3.8
When Terry refuses to lend Jake any more money, the squad decides it's high time Jake paid them all back. Meanwhile, Amy the Captain work together on the Brooklyn Broiler case.
214 Defense Rests January 25, 2015 4.0
After Sophia thinks her and Jake's jobs make a relationship unworkable, Jake tries to patch things up by befriending Sophia's boss, Geoffrey Hoytsman. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Wuntch is dependent on Captain Holt for a job recommendation.
215 Windbreaker City February 8, 2015 3.5
As Jake continues to feel bad about his break up with Sophia, his spirits are lifted when the squad is invited to a Department of Homeland Security anti-terror drill. Jake's hopes for a win dissipate when the agent in charge gives them the lame role of playing hostages. Meanwhile, Holt is disturbed by the results of a personality test Gina administers, while Amy and Rosa battle for a day off work.
216 The Wednesday Incident February 15, 2015 4.3
When Jake notices that Holt has been acting moody, he teams up with Holt's husband to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Charles tries to get a confession out of a geriatric suspect who pretends to be senile and adorable whenever Amy and Rosa are around.
217 Boyle-Linetti Wedding March 1, 2015 3.5
On the day of her mother's wedding to Charles's dad, Lynn, Gina struggles to keep things running smoothly even with the squad's help. On their way to the wedding, Jake and Amy chase down a criminal, while Captain Holt steps in after Terry has trouble officiating the wedding.
218 Captain Peralta March 8, 2015 3.7
When Jake's absentee father, Captain Roger Peralta, comes to town, Jake is excited to spend time with his dad. Charles is sceptical of Roger's intentions, and Jake eventually sees his father's character. Meanwhile, Holt gives Amy, Terry, Gina and Rosa an impossible brain teaser to solve in exchange for Beyonce tickets.
219 Sabotage March 15, 2015 3.3
After Jake suffers a streak of bad luck, he gets suspended from the NYPD. Jake thinks he's being sabotaged by a criminal he put away, so the Captain assigns Amy and Rosa to investigate the truth. Meanwhile, Holt upsets Gina when he refuses to lie with Terry about attending her dance concert, while Boyle is stuck working with Scully and Hitchcock.
220 AC/DC April 26, 2015 4.0
When Jake injures himself in pursuit of a suspect, Terry forces him to take time off work - but Jake can't leave the case alone. Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Rosa struggle to keep things impersonal when they have dinner with Kevin and Marcus.
221 Det. Dave Majors May 3, 2015 4.3
When Jake and Amy are assigned to work a case with the best detective in the NYPD, Detective Dave Majors, they both try impress him. Jake is forced to confront his own feelings for Amy when Majors declares his intention to ask Amy out on a date when the case is over. Meanwhile, when Terry considers taking a job at a private security firm, Gina and Boyle try convince him to stay at the Nine-Nine.
222 The Chopper May 10, 2015 4.0
When Madeline Wuntch gives Jake all the resources he needs to tackle a high-profile case, Holt is suspicious that she's setting the precinct up for failure. Meanwhile, Terry hosts a field trip for a local magnet school in the hopes of impressing the school administrator, with Amy, Rosa and Gina's help.
223 Johnny and Dora May 17, 2015 4.3
Captain Holt pairs Jake and Amy up to catch a notorious identity thief. Things take an intimate turn when Jake and Amy go undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple. Meanwhile, the whole precinct is shocked by the news that somebody is leaving the Nine-Nine.

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Season Recap

Jake and Amy

Jake and Amy continued to dodge their feelings for each other when Jake returned to the squad after his time undercover. Amy was still dating Teddy , so Jake told Amy it was a mistake telling her he liked her before he went undercover. Boyle and Rosa could both see Jake still had feelings for Amy during their semi-annual Jimmy Jab Games, when Jake challenged Rosa in the hopes of getting her friend's phone number. In the final round of the Jimmy Jab games, Jake let Amy win.

While Amy continued to date Teddy, Jake started a relationship with a defense attorney, Sophia Perez. When Jake and Amy were assigned a prisoner transfer case which required staying in a B&B overnight, Jake invited his girlfriend Sophia along with Amy's boyfriend Teddy, unaware Amy was planning to break up with him. Despite Jake and Sophia's help to stop her making an awkward scene in the B&B, Amy couldn't keep up the act and broke up with Teddy. Jake and Sophia's relationship ended when Jake gatecrashed a work party and later arrested her boss. Sophia didn't think a relationship between a cop and a lawyer could work out.

When a hotshot detective joined Jake and Amy for a case, Jake was forced to confront his feelings for Amy after Detective Dave Majors said he would ask Amy out. As Jake worked up the courage to tell Amy how he felt, Dave Majors asked Amy out on a date. After her date with Dave Majors, Amy told Jake she wasn't really feeling it and had decided not to date cops any more.

Jake and Amy were assigned the case of a notorious identity thief. When they went undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple, their case took an intimate turn. After they kissed on the job while trying to keep their cover, Jake and Amy felt uncomfortable about their friendship. After the Captain surprised the squad by announcing he is leaving the precinct, Jake and Amy took comfort together. Boyle's announcement that the new Captain is coming interrupted Jake and Amy as they kissed in the evidence room.

Captain Holt and his nemesis, Madeline Wuntch

Captain Holt's bitter rivalry with Madeline Wuntch, a former colleague who was now in a position of power over Holt and his precinct, was a season-long arc. Wuntch and Holt  frequently traded barbs and were immersed in a battle for control. Captain Holt thought he had the upperhand after he caught Madeline Wuntch spying on the precinct, but when he took the high road and offered her a recommendation so she could take another job outside New York, Wuntch unexpectedly rose to an even more powerful position in the NYPD. In the season finale, Wuntch used her power to move Captain Holt to a desk job in the NYPD.

Gina and Charles

Following their unexpected night together at the end of Season 1, Charles and Gina continued to hook up for a while. When Jake found out about their fling, Charles and Gina revealed their relationship to the rest of the precinct. Gina learned she didn't need to be embarrassed about her relationship with Charles, though they both moved to put it behind them. Charles and Gina's friendship would again become more complicated when their parents, Lynn Boyle and Darlene Linetti, started dating and ultimately married eachother.

Rosa and Marcus

After Captain Holt introduced his nephew, Marcus, to the squad, Rosa showed an interest in him which was reciprocated. Rosa and Marcus began dating, which led to a few awkward moments between Rosa and Captain Holt. Charles helped Marcus plan a surprise birthday party for Rosa which he knew she would enjoy.

Other Storylines

Jake and Charles worked with an irritating USPIS agent, Jack Danger, when Rosa's giggle pig task force found evidence the drugs were being trafficked through retired postal boxes. Jake and Rosa had their second encounter with the Pontiac Bandit, Doug Judy, who once again outsmarted them and got away. Jake and Charles's friendship temporarily suffered when they spent eight days on a stakeout together.

The squad's relaxing vacation at Charles's beach house didn't go to plan when Jake took Captain Holt along, although the squad eventually managed to have fun with their demure boss. Jake accidentally revealed to the squad that Sergeant Jeffords and his wife are expecting another baby. Jake's dad, Captain Roger Peralta, stopped by New York, but it soon became clear he had an ulterior motive. Jake saw again that his absentee father isn't the kind of dad who will be there for him.

Broadcast History

Brooklyn Nine-Nine moved to Sunday nights at 8:30 for its second season. The sophomore season consisted of twenty-three episodes aired between Sunday, September 28, 2014 and May 17, 2015. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was renewed for a third season by FOX in January 2015.