Jake and Sophia Season 2, Episode 6 - Aired November 9, 2014

Jake and Sophia

Jake hits it off with a woman at a bar, only to discover she is the defense attorney working the case of a perp he's trying to put in jail. Meanwhile, Charles and Gina try to put their relationship behind them.

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Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Sophia, Stephen Root as Lynn Boyle, Sandra Bernhard as Darlene Linetti, Will Hines as Carl Kurm, Perry L. Brown as Judge Marinovich, Vince Duvall as Sid Wells, Gil Glasgow as Lengarry Len Ross, Ruben Dario as Marco

Writers: Tricia McAlpin, David Phillips

Director: Michael McDonald

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Episode Quotes

Rosa: Hey, you should run. Going to meetings, writing stuff down. You love that nerd stuff.
Amy: Writing stuff down is nerdy? What do you do?
Rosa: I just forget stuff like a cool person.

Sophia: Well, I didn't wanna intimidate you.
Jake: Intimidate? Wow. Okay, well, not to burst your bubble, but I'm only intimidated by professions that have a moral compass, like police officer.
Sophia: So you're intimidated by your own job?
Jake: Oh, look at me. I'm a lawyer. I'm so good at word-using-itude.

Jake: All right, I'm gonna win this case and then we can put my horrible sexual experience behind us forever.
Charles: I don't know Jake. I'm afraid I'm gonna think about it every time I look at your crotch.
Jake: Then stop looking at my crotch!

Jake: It is fun, but you're all wrong. She clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole man.

Sergeant Jeffords: Have you ever thought about going with your non-work interests? On my first date with my wife, all we did was talk about our mutual love of Meat Loaf. The singer, not the food.
Jake: Oh, so the weirder of the two choices.


Jake, Charles, Rosa, Gina and Terry watch the clock as it turns 9. Amy is late for work for the first time. The squad speculate on the reason she's late. When Holt demands to know why they're not working, Jake explains their bet and Holt wants in on the action. Holt postulates that Amy is stuck in line at the bank. When Amy finally arrives, they demand to know the reason for her tardiness. Amy admits there was a problem at the bank.

At a bar, Jake and Terry talk about their trial the next day for a diamond heist case they worked. Moving on from work chatter, Jake laments the state of his love life. Helping his buddy out, Terry points Jake in the direction of an attractive woman at the bar. Jake and Sophia hit it off over spicy hot wings. Back at the precinct, Amy and Rosa approach Captain Holt over the union election. The incompetent Scully is running again unopposed. As management, Holt refuses to discuss the matter. While Rosa thinks Amy should run, Amy is not interested as she thinks it would hurt her chances of being a captain one day.

When Boyle goes to Gina's desk to return things she'd left at his apartment while they were seeing each other, he mentions a non-refundable hotel reservation they booked before they broke-up. Gina and Charles argue over who deserves the relaxing spa weekend. Meanwhile, Scully and Hitchcock confront Amy for running against Scully. Amy had no idea about the campaign, realizing Rosa must have signed Amy up.

In court, Jake tells Terry about his evening which included sexy times. When the district attorney comes over, he says there's a delay to the case as a replacement defense attorney is in on the way. When the defense attorney arrives, it's none other than Sophia. Jake and Terry worried that he slept with the enemy, a lawyer, while Sophia is no happier that she unwittingly slept with a cop. Elsewhere, when Amy complains to Captain Holt about Rosa trying to force her to run for union rep. Holt again refuses to discuss the matter.

In the Judge's office, Jake discloses that he and Sophia had coitus the night before. Although Jake wants Sophia removed from the case, the Judge thinks if the client's okay with it and they can be mature, there should be no problem with Sophia taking the case. Back at the precinct, Boyle is excited to have received an email from his favorite blogger inviting him to a long dinner that evening. Gina interrupts Boyle to celebrate receiving an email from Beyonce's momager, Tina Knowles. When Rosa points out they both have interesting plans for tonight, they both realize the emails were sent by each other. Boyle and Gina continue to argue over who gets the room.

Back in court, Jake isn't worried about the case, until Sophia questions the eye witness and reveals he has been the subject of fraud and perjury charges. During a recess, Jake and Terry realize they will need to gather more evidence if they want a hope of securing a conviction. Jake and Sophia have a churlish exchange during recess. Back at the precinct, Jake and Terry brief the squad on gathering more evidence for the case. Later, Rosa finds Amy putting up posters for Scully's election campaign. When Holt overhears Amy talk of how she'll throw the election, he demands to speak to her in his office. Holt berates Amy for trying to sink her election campaign as she would make a great union representative. When Amy says she's worried being a union rep fighting the top brass would hurt her chances of becoming captain one day, Captain Holt tells her being in conflict with his superiors didn't stop him becoming captain.

In the court room, Jake is on the stand being questioned by Sophia as he tells the court about new evidence they uncovered, including the tools they allege were used to break into the store. After the jury finds the defendant not guilty, Jake angrily makes a bit of a scene in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Boyle goes to Holt's office to suggest Gina working overnight would increase the precinct's productivity. Holt tells Boyle Gina just made the same argument for him. After Holt calls Gina in, he tells them both to work the overnight shift.

After Jake testily congratulates Sophia on winning the case, Terry tells Jake not to mess the relationship up. Even if Sophia is a defense attorney, it's clear Jake has feelings for her and he should pursue them. Jake goes to Sophia's office to ask her out. After setting some ground rules for their relationship, Sophia accepts Jake's offer. Meanwhile, Scully and Amy both give their campaign speeches for union rep.

When Gina apologizes to Boyle that neither of them has the room, Boyle starts speaking in Victorian-style - a tell that he's lying. After Boyle admits he gave the hotel reservation to his dad, Gina confesses she gave the reservation to her mom. At the hotel, Lynn Boyle and Darlene Linetti meet in the romantic hotel room.