Stakeout Season 2, Episode 11 - Aired December 14, 2014


When Jake and Charles volunteer to spend eight days on a stakeout together, their friendship is strained by living in close quarters. Meanwhile, Captain Holt's nephew, Marcus, catches the attention of Rosa.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Nick Cannon as Marcus, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Sandra Gimpel as Annalise, Dimiter Marinov as Alexei Bisko

Writers: Laura McCreary, Tricia McAlpin

Director: Tristram Shapeero

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: The hippo with heads on both ends, that's Hitchcock and Scully.
Amy: How do they defecate?
Sergeant Jeffords: It's a kid's book, Santiago!

Hitchock: Looks like Boyle's out and Hitchcock's in. What do you want to do tonight? Go to a strip club? Have dinner with my wife?
Jake: Are those separate options, or does she live at the strip club?
Hitchcock: You wanna know, you gotta go.

Captain Holt: Wuntchtime is over. Boom! Did it. Had it both ways. No regrets.

Jake: Captain, you're smiling. It's very weird. Like seeing a turtle out of its shell.

Rosa: I'm out. Four hours is the most time I've ever spent alone with any human. It was the worst experience of my life.
Amy: What about that time we drove up to Boston together. That was about four hours. Oh, I see what just happened.

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211 'Stakeout' Press Release November 25 2014

FOX has released the synopsis for the December 14 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the last original episode of 2014. As previously announced, Nick Cannon guest stars as Marcus, Captain Holt's nephew, in this episode.  Full story


Captain Holt welcomes Jake and Rosa to a ceremony where his nemesis, Madeline Wuntch, will present them with a medal for their work on the giggle pig task force. Holt plans to savor the moment his nemesis must honor him, but Jake suggests he avoids launching a zinger at Wuntch. After taking Jake's advice, Captain Holt acts professional as Madeline drapes a medal over him. Choosing to have it both ways, however, Holt delivers his jibe, "Wuntch time is over", with no regrets.

Back at the precinct, Holt and Sergeant Jeffords brief the squad on a stakeout operation to monitor a mob member. Jake and Charles volunteer for the stakeout and, since they're such good friends, think they'll be fine doing the whole eight days rather than splitting it up. Later, when Amy and Gina find Terry drawing, he shows them a picture storybook he's making for his kids which features animals which look like his crew members.

Terry and Rosa help Jake and Boyle set up in the stakeout room. After Terry and Rosa leave, Jake and Boyle set out their schedule for monitoring the drop site, feeling comfortable they'll be able to handle each other. Elsewhere, Captain Holt introduces his nephew, Marcus, to the precinct. When Rosa says goodbye to Marcus as he leaves, something she would never do for just anyone, Gina realizes Rosa is interested in Marcus.

When Boyle wakes up, he and Jake chat while he eats cereal. Jake is annoyed at the way Boyle chews with his mouth open, while Boyle's sickened by Jake's breakfast of syrup on butter. When Boyle suggests it would be better if they ate in separate corners, Jake is worried that means "alone zones". They decide they are not fighting and they are perfectly comfortable staying together.

As each other's habits start to wear thin, Jake suggests they make a no-no list with all the things they don't want the other to do. Back at the precinct, Rosa goes to Holt's office as requested. He tells her Marcus had asked him whether she was single. Rosa tells the captain she is single but if Marcus wants her phone number, he should be the one to ask her Meanwhile, Gina finds Amy in the break room, having both read Terry's book against his will. Amy is unhappy that her character was represented as a pushover, while Gina is unhappy her character's a stone-cold bitch.

Back on the stakeout, Jake and Boyle are furiously adding to their no-no list of habits they find annoying in the other person. Having had enough, they both decide to stop talking to each other. When Captain Holt calls on Day 6 of the stakeout, they pretend everything is fine and refuse the Captain's offer to send in a replacement team. Back at the precinct, when Terry tries to get in the elevator with Amy and Gina, Amy refuses to keep the door open while Gina tries hard to open it for Terry. Sergeant Jeffords stops the elevator for an emergency stop and talk. When they admit to reading his book, Terry tells them their characters only look like them, they're not supposed to be them.

As Captain Holt and his husband, Kevin, eat breakfast, Marcus comes down and is followed by Rosa. Raymond and Rosa both realize it's an awkward situation, so Rosa leaves. Back on the stakeout, as Boyle and Jake continue to argue, they declare they're no longer friends. When Boyle throws a ball in anger, it breaks the window and alerts somebody at the drop site, ruining the operation.

Back at the precinct, Jake and Boyle are still not talking to each other. Captain Holt scolds Jake for the failed operation, though Jake says he would have been able to last eight days with anybody but Boyle. Captain Holt orders Jake and Boyle to go on door duty to find Brisko. Meanwhile, Amy goes to Terry's desk to apologize. She says the book bothered her because she does feel like a pushover sometimes, and it was good to stand up for herself this week. Gina says she learned she's perfect the way she is, and should never change.

After calling Rosa into his office, he gives her a bag containing a brassiere she left in Marcus's room. Captain Holt tells her that he hopes them working together won't stop her and Marcus dating, if that's what she wants to do. Rosa agrees and says they should never talk about the relationship, or anything really.

Elsewhere, when Jake and Boyle knock on the door of Brisko's aunt's apartment, they find Brisko hiding out there. After Boyle chases him down the fire escape, Brisko tries to attack Boyle. Jake steps into defend Boyle and they eventually tackle him to the ground. Jake and Boyle make up and admit they're more than friends, they're brothers who are always there for each other.