Payback Season 2, Episode 13 - Aired January 11, 2015


When Terry refuses to lend Jake any more money, Jake uncovers Sergeant Jefford's secret, and the squad decides it's high time Jake paid them all back. Meanwhile, Amy the Captain work together on the Brooklyn Broiler case.

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Guest Stars: Merrin Dungey as Sharon, Allen Evangelista as Savant, Matthew McCarthy as Arman - Perp, August Roads as Teenager, Christopher Michael as Hank

Writers: Norm Hiscock, Brigitte Munoz-Liebowitz

Director: Victor Nelli, Jr.

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Episode Quotes

Amy: Maybe we should talk about deets for the case. Plan our next move. Grab some chow.
Captain Holt: No need. I brought these. Nutrition bricks. I have original no flavor, and whole wheat no flavor.

Amy: Captain, how are you feeling?
Captain Holt: Better today. I even managed to eat some plain toast this morning.
Amy: Smart. Something bland.
Captain Holt: That's my favorite breakfast.

Captain Holt: He was a great partner. Smart, loyal, homophobic, but not racist. In those days that was pretty good.

Gina: Is she crying?
Jake: A little.
Gina: You should be wailing you stone-cold bitch. Now call my other grandma.

Jake: How much could I possibly owe you? Fifty, sixty bucks?
Sergeant Jeffords: Two thousand, four hundred and thirty seven dollars.
Jake: Dollars?! Wait, of course dollars. Why was that the part I was surprised by?

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When Jake tries to buy food from the vending machine with half a dollar and half a pizza coupon taped together, Sergeant Jeffords refuses to lend Jake any more money. Terry tells Jake he already owes him $2,437 and the vault is now locked. Jake wonders why, after years of not caring about how much he owed him, Terry is suddenly bothered about Jake paying him back.

Captain Holt asks Amy to bring the files for the Brooklyn Broiler case to his office. When Gina wonders why Holt wants to see her, Amy excitedly explains how she's working with the captain and taking their working relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Jake finds Sergeant Jeffords to tell him he's figured out his secret. Jake thinks Terry is pregnant and that's why he needs the money back. Terry initially shrugs it off, but after closing the office door, he admits to Jake it's true. Terry tells Jake they only just found out and it's too early to tell everyone that Sharon is pregnant.

At Holt's desk, Amy is excited to be working up close with Captain. Their time together is cut short when Captain Holt says he's already solved the case. After Amy suggests they stop for coffee, the Captain agrees to stop off at a diner he and his old partner used to frequent, as they go to apprehend the suspect. Meanwhile, Jake takes a briefcase containing $1,200 to Sergeant Jeffords. Terry says he's happy to finally have someone to share the secret with. When Rosa and Boyle enter, however, Jake struggles to explain why he's cleared out his checking account to pay Terry back all of a sudden. Jake claims that Boyle and Rosa's words got in his head, so he will be paying all his friends back.

In the briefing room, Jake works to understand how much money his owes his colleagues. When Jake admits he can't pay them all back right now, Rosa wonders why Jake doesn't take the money back from Terry and split it between his friends. Jake says he can't do that because Terry needs the money, prompting the squad to wonder why. Jake claims it's because he's having butt enhancement surgery, but Terry quickly squashes that idea. Elsewhere, the Captain returns to his car with coffee for Amy and himself. When Amy tries to bond with the Captain over food and beverages, Holt reveals he brought along "Nutrition Bricks". After Amy suggests street meat is a more typical stakeout food, Captain Holt is receptive to the suggestion.

Terry finds Jake cleaning Rosa's motorcycle to pay off his debt. When Boyle brings his dogs for Jake to clean, he tells him he won't have to clean the dogs if he reveals Terry's secret. Elsewhere, after bonding over their street meat, Amy and the Captain stop a person entering the suspect's store. The person turns out to the grandson of their suspect, who reveals his grandpa has died. Captain Holt says something doesn't feel right - in his intestine, after the street meat. He and Amy rush back to the car, where Amy drives with the sirens on back to the precinct as Captain Holt refuses to use a public restroom in this emergency.

Before Terry gets ready to leave the precinct for an OBGYEN appointment with his wife, he emails the squad with information about a robbery suspect. When Terry's left, Jake reads the email about a suspect whose nickname is "Hurricane". Jake thinks Hurricane Jeffords would be a good name for Terry's kid, so he responds to the email. Boyle accosts Jake, claiming he knows his and Terry's secret - they stole his idea for a bowling alley. After Gina shouts out that Terry is pregnant, Jake wonders how she found out. Gina tells Jake he replied to everybody who received Terry's email, revealing his secret to the whole squad.

Jake admits to the squad that Terry is pregnant, but tells them it's supposed to be a secret. Jake tells them Terry can't know the secret is out. Jake wants the squad to break into Terry's emails and delete the message, while he'll go down and distract Terry during his workout session. When Gina and Rosa find Holt and Amy back at the precinct, Holt tells them he's got diarrhea as a result of the street meat.

When Jake goes to Terry in the gym, Sergeant Jeffords doesn't think Jake will be able to keep up with his workout. Jake immediately struggles with Terry's weights. Meanwhile, the squad watches on as Savant tries to crack Terry's password. When Savant says it will take an hour unless they can guess his password, Gina thinks there's no way Jake can keep up with Terry for that long.

Despite Terry's desire to wrap it up, Jake claims the workout hasn't been challenging yet. As Jake tries to follow Terry's workout, he starts crying/sweating through his eyes, and his arms fall asleep. Meanwhile, after a few failed guesses, Boyle cracks Terry's password as "yogurt", since Terry loves yogurt. Boyle goes to the gym to give Jake the all clear signal.

Back in the precinct, Boyle helps Jake, who can't move his body, throw away a piece of paper. When Terry's wife, Sharon, arrives, he says he just needs to check his email and then they can go. Jake watches nervously as Sergeant Jeffords reads his mail, but all is fine. Before Terry leaves, Captain Holt comes out of his office and congratulates Terry and Sharon, explaining Jake sent out an email about babynames.

Boyle wheels Jake in to apologize to Terry. Jake says he was taking the secret seriously - despite suggesting Hurricane as a baby name - and that's he's sorry he revealed the pregnancy to the squad. Terry isn't interested and has Jake wheeled out after he asks whether he's still the godfather. Meanwhile, Amy checks in on the Captain to see if he's okay after his digestive distress the day before. The Captain recounts a tale about how his former partner was kicked in the crotch by a police horse on their second day together. The Captain says it was a bonding experience and the one they laughed about the most. When Amy asks if one day they might be able to joke about the food poisoning, the Captain says perhaps one day they might joke over street meat. Amy is thrilled to see the Captain laughing about this.

After selling his car, Jake goes to Terry's desk with more money for him. Jake says he can't untell the Sarge's secret, but he can give him the money he owes and make sure no one else talks about it for four weeks. Terry asks Jake if he still wants to be the godfather, which Jake accepts.