Captain Peralta Season 2, Episode 18 - Aired March 8, 2015

Captain Peralta

When Jake's absentee father, Captain Roger Peralta, comes to town, Jake is excited to spend time with his dad. Charles is sceptical of Roger's intentions, but Jake eventually sees his father's true character.

Meanwhile, Holt gives Amy, Terry, Gina and Rosa an impossible brain teaser to solve in exchange for Beyonce tickets.

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Guest Stars: Bradley Whitford as Roger Peralta, Elle Russ as Chantelle, Sebastien Stella as Quebec Policeman, Kevin Dorff as Hank, Irina Skaya as Glinda

Writers: Dan Goor

Director: Eric Appel

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Joining us for lunch, Sir?
Captain Holt: Oh, no, I've already consumed the required calories for this day period.
Rosa: Yummy.

Charles: He should already think you're great. Like with my dad. He doesn't need me to prove to him that Jake Peralta's the best cop in the precinct, he knows it.

Gina: Click. I just captured the exact moment you realized you had failed. I guess we all got something out of this.

Sergeant Jeffords: I warned you against using donuts. They're my trigger food.
Amy: Terry.
Sergeant Jeffords: These islanders are delicious.

Scully: Oh my God, Jake, who's flying the plane?
Jake: Co-pilot, Scully, co-pilot.

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Boyle calls Jake over to his desk to show off his new goatee, which the whole squad has been ignoring. The squad all say it's awful, except for Captain Holt, who say it suits Boyle's face and would like a closer look. When Captain Holt goes to inspect Boyle's facial hear, he gives Jake and Terry the signal to hold Charles and shave it off.

Jake asks for Boyle's advice about restaurants, explaining he's having dinner with his dad who's coming to town. Boyle suggest a Hungarian restaurant famed for their sausage platter. Boyle doesn't know why Jake is excited to see the man who walked out on him and his mother, and who he hasn't seen in years. Jake says they've been texting each other and his dad has changed.

Captain Holt goes to the break room as the rest of the squad eat lunch. Holt gives them a brain teaser about an island of 12 men, 11 of whom weigh the same and one who weighs more or less than the others. The island doesn't have any scales, only a see-saw they can use just three times, to find out whether the one man is lighter or heavier than the rest.

Jake's dad, regional airline pilot, Captain Roger Peralta, arrives at the precinct. Jake introduces him to the squad, who all seem excited to meet him except for Boyle. Jake excitedly introduces Captain Holt to his dad, but seeing the two Captains in front of him he realizes it's super weird. Later, as Terry struggles to solve the puzzle, Amy says she'll solve it first. Gina is convinced the Beyonce tickets are her birthright. After Amy claims it will come down to her or Terry, Rosa bets them a $100 the she and Gina can solve it before Amy and Terry.

At the Hungarian restaurant Boyle recommended, Jake and Captain Peralta are feeling outfaced by the platters of sausages. Remembering his childhood when Roger would lie to restaurants and say it's Jake's birthday, Jake says he told the staff it's Roger's birthday and he says he did the same for Jake. When Jake is happy that they're bonding, Roger reveals his ulterior motive for flying down to see Jake. He says he's been accused of drug smuggling in Canada and he needs Jake's help to clear his name.

The next morning, Jake briefs the squad on his father's case. Boyle thinks Jake's dad is guilty and this confirmed his suspicions about his intentions. Jake says he was initially upset his dad had ulterior motives, but he's happy to be able to show him how good of a cop he is. When Jake asks for Captain Holt's permission to go to Quebec to investigate, Holt suggests he takes Boyle along for an impartial pair of eyes. Jake wants to take Scully too, since he speaks French.

As Rosa and Gina work on the brainteaser, Gina is too bored to carry on. Rosa thinks she's got it, so she goes to Captain Holt to tell him her theory. Rosa says they should use the see-saw to hold down on their necks until fatty confesses, which Holt says is wrong and disturbing.

Jake, Boyle and Scully fly to Canada on a flight Roger is piloting. When the Captain comes out to talk to Jake about the case, Jake says he'll need to interview his girlfriend since she had access to his bags. Roger says she didn't on the night in question, which Boyle assumes means he cheated on her and got kicked out. Roger admits it's a fair comment. When Scully looks back and sees Roger chatting to Jake, he's freaks out wondering who's flying the page. Elsewhere, Amy and Terry try a new approach to solve the problem. Amy uses donuts as the islanders to try figure it out, but Terry keeps eating them.

At the airport in Canada, Roger Peralta is arrested by the police. Scully tells Jake the police are keeping him without bail and want them to leave the country on the next flight out. For the first time, Jake wonders whether it's possible his dad is actually a drug smuggler, which Boyle believes is true. Ignoring Boyle's opinion, Jake decides the woman his dad cheated with, who works at the airport's Commodore's Club, is the likely suspect.

Boyle and Jake dress in his dad's Captain's uniforms and go to the Commodore's Club to speak to the woman behind the bar. Elsewhere, Gina and Rosa go to Captain Holt. Gina claims Holt is an underdog who needed a helping hand during his career, and asks him to give them a helping hand now by telling them the answer. After Captain Holt refuses to do so, Amy and Terry enter with a new theory. Amy suggests using the see-saw to weigh six at a time, but it's incorrect. Gina captures the look of disappointment on Amy's face as Holt tells her she's wrong.

At the Commodore's Club, Jake and Boyle try to chat to the woman behind the bar. After some unconvincing pilot talk, the woman figures they're imposters and calls security. Outside the bar, Jake is happy as he managed to grab a cleaning bottle with her prints on. Back at the precinct, Rosa and Gina confront Captain Holt, claiming he has no idea about the answer either. Gina had her picture of Amy printed on t-shirts, which shows Captain Holt with the same disappointed look on his face after Amy's answer was wrong. Gina noticed Captain Holt is having dinner with his former Commanding Officer. Holt admits the C.O. gave him the puzzle twenty years ago and he's struggled to find the answer.

Jake, Boyle and Captain Peralta return back to the precint, with Jake having cleared his dad's name. Roger offers to talk the whole squad out for drinks tonight. When Rosa asks where Scully is, they realize they left him in Canada. Later, at the bar, Jake is disappointed to receive a text from his dad saying he can't make it. Jake finally accepts he shouldn't keep letting his dad off the hook. When Jake goes to his dad's hotel room to confront him, he says he's not upset, he's relieved to finally see who his dad really is. Jake says he's a pretty selfish guy who doesn't care about being a dad.

Back at the bar, Terry and Amy toast Rosa and Gina for figuring out that Holt didn't know the answer. Holt says the next round is on him after his little brain teaser. When Amy wonders what Holt will say to his old commanding officer when he sees him, Gina suggests Holt tells him to suck an egg. Although Terry thinks they could solve the puzzle if they work together all night, Captain Holt prefers Gina's idea and gives her the Beyonce tickets. When Jake returns, Captain Holt congratulates him on the Quebec case and says he's proud of him.