Boyle's Hunch Season 3, Episode 3 - Aired October 11, 2015

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When Boyle hits it off with a woman at the courthouse, Jake tries to help set him up, but Boyle's whirlwind romance comes to a sudden end when the woman is jailed.

Meanwhile, Rosa is angry when her ice cream is stolen and she thinks she knows exactly who did it. Meanwhile, Captain Holt seeks Amy's help with a PR campaign, but the public response surprises them.

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Guest Stars: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Genevieve, James Urbaniak as Nick Lingeman, Gabe Liedman as Dr. Oliver Cox, Vahe Bejan as Osif, Martin Garcia as Matt Blarkn, Stormi Henley as Dvora

Writers: Tricia McAlpin

Director: Trent O'Donnell

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Boyle's hunch that Genevieve framed over the robbery of her art gallery that landed her in jail on insurance fraud charges.

Episode Quotes

Jake: Boyle, they found one of the stolen paintings at her house.
Charles: But she says she didn't know how it ended up there.
She's being set up.
Jake: Framed! Art joke. Continue.

Jake: Let's go free an innocent woman.
Charles: Nice. My dreams are coming true. You and me getting my lady off together.
Jake: I mean, you know how that sounds, right?

Captain Holt: Gina, as you predicted, there was some backlash to the poster campaign.
Gina: Yes. I'm the Nostradamus of your shame.

Amy: This one says Die Pig. And worst of all, they didn't put the comma between die and pig.

Jake: Hey, buddy. I'm sorry about Genevieve.
Charles: It's okay. I'm resigned to my life of solitude. Just me and my five dogs.
Jake: Wait. I thought you only had three dogs?
Charles: I just adopted two online right now.
Oh, this pitbull hates kids. That's fine. I'll never have any. Add to cart.

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303 'Boyle's Hunch' Press Release September 15 2015

FOX has issued the press release for the third episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's upcoming third season, "Boyle's Hunch". Mary Lynn Rajskub (24) guest stars in the episode.  Full story


When Jake returns from a major drugs bust, he shows off his new partner: a tarantula he saved from destruction. Sergeant Jeffords and Amy are very uncomfortable with the spider. After Jake thinks up spidey-names for his new partner, he realizes the spider freaks him out, too. When he looks back at the cage, Jake realizes the spider has escaped. The gang, except for Rosa, freak out and Terry heads for the elevator to get away from the spider. The guys soon see that the tarantula is on Terry's head.

At the courthouse, Jake and Boyle sitting on a bench as they wait for their turn to testify. When Jake sees Boyle eating doughnut holes, he helps himself only to be disgusted that they contain fish. Boyle admits he's drowning his sorrows in takoyaki after his attempt at Internet dating went badly. When a woman comes over and asks Boyle about his food, they soon hit it off over their shared interests of Japanese food and their pet dogs. Mid way through their conversation, Boyle abruptly ends it and sits back down. When Jake wonders what Boyle was thinking, he admits he got nervous. Using the octopus ball as a projectile missile, Jake gets the woman's attention again, prompting Boyle to ask her if she wants to join him in eating takoyaki on the bench.

At One Police Plaza, Captain Holt has invited Amy over to talk about the NYPD's image problem. He wants to highlight the good cops they have, rather than the letting the headlines be dominated by bad cops. Captain Holt would like Amy to be the first officer to be highlighted on posters across the precinct. Amy is fully on board with Holt's plan, but Gina thinks it's a bad idea as it won't change how people feel about cops. Gina says she's out, even though Holt didn't ask for her help.

Back at the precinct, Rosa goes to Sergeant Jeffords' desk to ask for permission to arrest Hitchcock and Scully for eating her Moose Track Ice Cream. After Terry gets over his surprise that Rosa would like such a food, he says Hitchcock and Scully have been skimming people's desserts for weeks but he hasn't been able to prove it. Terry and Rosa set out to get proof that they're stealing food, although Rosa's first plan is perhaps a little too hardline.

Back at the courthouse, Jake returns to Boyle and is surprised that his lady friend isn't still there. Boyle says it went great and he really likes her, but he didn't have time to get her number before she was called back into the court room. Boyle is planning to ask her out as soon as she returns, so he can immediately whisk her off to the spa for a couple's massage. Jake is supportive of Boyle's plans, even though they seem intense, as the pair look like a good ft. When Genevieve comes out of the courtroom, Boyle starts to ask her out before realizing she's chained up. Genevieve tells him she was just sentenced to ten years in prison.

Jake goes to Boyle's desk with food to cheer him up, but Boyle insists he's not feeling down as he doesn't believe Genevieve is guilty. She is accused of robbing her own art gallery for the insurance money, but Boyle points out that she would have made more money if the paintings had sold. Jake says that the police found one of the stolen paintings in her apartment, but Genevieve told Boyle she has no idea how it got there. Boyle admits he likes Genevieve, but he says it's not clouding his judgment. As a cop, he really doesn't believe she is guilty. Jake trusts Boyle's hunch so they set off to clear Genevieve's name.

Back at One Police Plaza, Amy is being photographed as Captain Holt and Gina watch on. After Captain Holt preps Amy on how to pose for the camera, Gina criticizes Amy and the campaign. Gina doesn't stop complaining even after Holt tells her that's enough, so he then tells her to leave. Back at the precinct, Terry goes to Rosa at her desk with an ice cream spoon he found in Scully and Hitchcock's trash can. When they confront Hitchcock and Scully about it, they claim the spoon was used for medicine not ice cream. Terry wants to taste the spoon to settle it, but Rosa reminds him it's been in their mouths. Rosa tells them this isn't over, but Scully and Hitchcock don't seem worried.

In prison, Jake accompanies Boyle as he talks over the phone to Genevieve on the other side of the glass. When Boyle gets distracted by his feelings for Genevieve, Jake takes over the conversation. Genevieve admits nobody but her has access to the gallery overnight, but she does think her dirtbag ex who has always in debt might be after revenge. Jake hands the phone back to Boyle.

Outside the prison visitors' room, Boyle returns to Jake, who has been doing some digging on Genevieve's ex, Nick. He recently bought an art gallery, even though Genevieve said he was always in debt. Jake tells Boyle his original hunch, that it was a jilted ex-lover, is right.

Later, Jake and Boyle go undercover at the art gallery. When they start talking to Nick, Boyle gets worked up about an art piece about Nick and Genevieve's sex life. Boyle soon makes a scene, revealing that they're cops and they think he set Genevieve up. Nick asks them to leave his art gallery. Elsewhere, Rosa and Terry confront Scully and Hitchcock in the break room. They had the spoon analyzed by forensics, revealing it to be ice cream. Scully and Hitchcock say they're innocent as they are both lactose intolerant, and nobody has ever seen them eat dairy. Terry has to hold back Rosa as she tries to attack Hitchcock and Scully.

Jake and Boyle are still at the art gallery talking about Nick, despite being asked to leave. Nick's assistant, Dvora, comes over to talk to them, saying Nick doesn't like cops but that he would never set up Genevieve as he's still in love with her. She mentions that Genevieve still keeps boxes of her stuff here, giving Boyle permission to take them away for examination. Dvora also mentions that Nick couldn't be responsible for the robbery as he was doing a public art performance. For the entire month of July, Nick lived in a cage on the street, during which he was constantly filmed.

Amy goes to Captain Holt's office to tell him she saw her poster on the subway earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the poster had been vandalized, as have many others. Captain Holt offers to put out a notice saying vandals will be prosecuted, but Amy points out it's not just vandals. People with legitimate complaints about the police have also defaced the posters. Amy thinks Gina was right all along. When Captain Holt expresses amazement that Gina hasn't marched in to say "Told you so" yet, Amy says Gina would never do that. Gina comes into the office in agreement but, when she turns around, the phrase "I Told You So" is printed on the back of her top.

Back at the Nine-Nine, Jake and Boyle are watching ootage of Nick in the cage on the night of the robbery. In the box of Genevieve's stuff, Jake finds a receipt for a storage unit that nobody knew about. When they raid the unit, they find all the stolen artwork. After they return to the office, Jake tells Boyle he's sorry things didn't work out with Genevieve. Boyle is resigned to living a solitary life from now on, and is on the Internet to adopt more dogs. Jake gives Boyle a pep talk, assuring him that things will work out.

At One Police Plaza, Holt invites Amy and Gina to his office. Captain Holt tells Gina she was right all along, admitting it was a mistake and that he should have been open to criticism. Holt shows Gina the new posters which invite public feedback on the police by including his e-mail address. Elsewhere, Rosa and Terry go to Hitchcock and Scully to apologize for accusing them of eating the ice cream without any proof. As a peace offering, they give Scully & Hitchcock a pizza, which they eat despite claiming to be lactose intolerant. Scully says it doesn't prove anything since somethings are so delicious that it's worth dealing with consequences. When Rosa gets angry and demands they come clean, Hitchcock finally admits they took her ice cream. After Scully and Hitchcock's lactose intolerance kicks in, they rush to the bathroom.

The next day, after Boyle shows up for work, Jake points him to the holding cell where Dvora is waiting. Jake says he figured out the 24-hour sex painting was made the same day the storage unit was hired, meaning Genevieve couldn't have done it. Boyle is happy that Jake kept working the case even after he gave up.