Your Honor Season 4, Episode 19 - Aired May 16, 2017

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Captain Holt's mom seeks support from the precinct after her house is robbed. Meanwhile, Terry, Rosa and Boyle remodel the breakroom and Amy teaches Gina how to change her own car tire. Then, Jake and Rosa try to earn the respect of their idol, Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, while Charles, Terry and Gina test different parenting methods to resolve a conflict between Scully and Hitchcock

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Guest Stars: L. Scott Caldwell as Laverne Holt, Abigail Marlowe as Daniella Andrade, Jason Boegh as Thad, Kim Estes as George Kenderson, Jennifer Holloway as Bella

Writers: David Phillips, Carly Hallam Tosh

Director: Michael McDonald

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: You're annoying my mother.
Jake: Are you blind? We're vibing like crazy.
Captain Holt: I assure you, my mother's not a vibrator.
Jake: Definitely not what that's short for.

Captain Holt: Enough! He robbed my mother.
Jake: No, he didn't. He's her lover. He's your mother's lover. He's lovering your mother.

Jake: The alarm company said the break-in happened around 7:30. Most people are home at that time. Is there anyone who knew you'd be out?
Laverne Holt: The people who were with me at wine club. Oh my, I just remembered, Carol Spitzheim's house was broken into several months ago, also during wine club.
Captain Holt: Interesting. The odds of that happening coincidentally are vanishingly small.
Laverne Holt: I would say infinitesimally.
Jake: Yes, and I would say teenily-weenily. We all know words.

Jake: This is amazing. Spending time with your mother in your childhood home. Ah, the adorable baby pictures, the embarrassing stories. The Founding Fathers Underoos.
Captain Holt: There will be no Underoos.
Jake: You went commando?
Captain Holt: That's enough.

Jake: Final question. Is this little Raymond's macaroni art?
Laverne Holt: No, that's a macaroni infographic he made about educational spending during the Johnson administration.
Jake: Oh, of course it is. I love it.

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