The Big House Pt. 2 Season 5, Episode 2 - Aired October 3, 2017

The Big House Pt. 2

When the warden asks Jake to investigate Romero's drug smuggling operation, Jake and Caleb find themselves caught between the loyalty Jake has sworn to both of them. Meanwhile, Amy is offered a deal by a local mobster who claims he can prove that Hawkins is guilty, but Holt and the rest of the gang think they have a safer plan.

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Guest Stars: Gina Gershon as Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, Lou Diamond Phillips as Romero, Toby Huss as Warden Granville, Tim Meadows as Caleb, Paul Adelstein as Seamus Murphy, Winston James Francis as Tank, David Healey as Ryan, Michelle Gillette as Debbie, Clayton English as Richard, Alex Flash as Romero's Henchman, Kaden Vu as Prisoner

Writers: Justin Noble

Director: Michael McDonald

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Episode Quotes

Amy: Hey, I think I found something interesting. I was double-checking last month's surveillance photos, and I noticed this. Hawkins has two different phones: her normal cell, and then this one that only has one app on the home screen Snapchat.
Hitchcock: Oh, she's up to something. Snapchat messages disappear. You can send anything to anybody, and after they see it, it's like I never sent it.
Captain Holt: Nobody ask Hitchcock why he knows that.

Jake: So, I got assigned to this one rookie, and on his training day, I made him smoke angel dust at gunpoint. King Kong ain't got nothing on me.
Tank: Isn't that the plot and tagline of The movie "Training Day"?
Jake: Yes, great observation, Tank. That's because it's based on my life.

Amy: I understand, but we've been watching Hawkins for a month, and we have nothing to connect her to the robberies. Maybe we should pursue other routes.
Charles: Um, some of us are already pursuing other routes, Amy. [flashback] "This is Charles Boyle, and you're listening to A God in Shackles. This podcast is brought to you by Fun Frames, make your spectacles a spectacle."
Amy: And how is your podcast supposed to get Jake out of prison?
Charles: I lay out the facts, people see he was framed. I build an audience. I get a celebrity listener. It's Debra Messing. She tweets a link. Now Sean Hayes is involved.

Jake: You know what? I think my Blizz is wearing off. I should probably go lie down.
Romero: Yeah. The diarrhea's coming. That is very common. Don't let the volume scare you.
Jake: Wait. Volume as in noise or amount? Oh, God, it's both, isn't it?

Captain Holt: Squad, I think I'm onto something. I was listening to an episode of Boyle's podcast.
Charles: Not the one Terry was on, I hope.
Captain Holt: No, of course not. That one was problematic.
Sergeant Jeffords: What did I do that was so wrong?

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