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Quote from Jake in the episode 99

Jake: You're gonna take that meeting, you're gonna get the job, and you're gonna become Commissioner, and we'll all figure out what to do about Murphy.
Captain Holt: I'm touched, but it's moot. We've missed the cargo plane. And now there's no way to get back in time for me to make my meeting.
Jake: Nuh-uh. Amy?
Amy: What up, bro?
Jake: I need you to climb back on that strungness ladder, and I need you to climb pretty high.
Amy: How high?
Jake: Remember that time we went to the deli for cold cuts, and the ticket machine was broken, so you found out what time everyone arrived and made them get in a single-file line from earliest to latest?
Amy: Yeah.
Jake: Higher.
Amy: Copy that.

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