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Quote from Jake in the episode The Fugitive (Part 1)

Jake: That's right, y'all. We went to Homeland Security. Yep, this beauty comes fully equipped with thermal imaging, a satellite link-up, and she plugs in to every surveillance camera in the city.
Sergeant Jeffords: And she's also got a holding cell, which is big enough for three perps. Jake, counting this guy, how many perps have we caught and placed in the three-perp perp cell?
Jake: Well, Sarge, we've placed three perps in the three-perp perp cell.
Sergeant Jeffords: So, the three-perp perp cell's full?
Jake: Full of three perps is the three-perp perp cell.
Amy: Okay, stop saying "perps" and "cell" and "three."

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