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Quote from Jake in the episode Chasing Amy

Amy: No, practice exams are worthless. The testing conditions are way too pristine. There's nothing to distract you. I mean, look around. A child could pass the frickin' MCAT in here.
Jake: I knew you would say that, which is why I've asked these officers to do their paperwork in here while you take the test. He writes way too loudly.
She's always yawning. He has a gross cold. IBS, IBS. She has a weird arm-stretching thing. IBS, IBS, and Hitchcock and Scully with two hours worth of potato chips.
Amy: Oh, my God, it's gonna be crinkle-city.
Hitchcock: Jake said we get to eat with our mouths open.
Scully: [chuckles] What a day!

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