Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Result

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Tournament: Result

Our episode tournament to find people's favorite episode so far of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has now ended. The results have been counted and we can declare a winner.

With 62.8% of the vote in the final round, Johnny and Dora won against The Bet to be crowned the winner. Both episodes were important episodes in the arc of Jake and Amy's relationship.

In Johnny and Dora, Jake and Amy are assigned the case of a notorious identity thief. When they go undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple, their case takes an intimate turn. After they kiss on the job while trying to keep their cover, Jake and Amy feel uncomfortable about their friendship. After the Captain surprises the squad by announcing he is leaving the precinct, Jake and Amy take comfort together. Boyle's announcement that the new Captain is coming interrupts Jake and Amy as they kiss in the evidence room.

Thank you to everybody who voted in our Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode tournament.

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Posted on 11 August 2015 07:38.

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