Johnny and Dora Season 2, Episode 23 - Aired May 17, 2015

Johnny and Dora

Captain Holt pairs Jake and Amy up to catch a notorious identity thief. Things take an intimate turn when Jake and Amy go undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple. Meanwhile, the whole precinct is shocked by the news that somebody is leaving the Nine-Nine.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Nick Cannon as Marcus, Ray Abruzzo as Michael Augustine, Ilana Guralnik as Lexi, Kevin Brown as Greg Gerg, Billy Merritt as Wayne Tercelle, Lyric Lewis as Alice - Hostess

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Dean Holland

 This episode features in the list Jake and Amy: Key Episodes.

WinnerThis episode won our Seasons 1-2 episode tournament in August 2015.

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: We got the letter.
Captain Holt: Well done. Now get me Madeline and a bucket of water. It's time to melt a witch.

Captain Holt: Care to sit? I'm sure you'd like to take some weight off your cloven hooves.
Madeline Wuntch: Call me the devil, Raymond? How original.
Captain Holt: Actually, I was calling you a goat. You goat.

Rosa: Anyone over the age of six celebrating a birthday should go to hell.

Rosa: That will never happen. In fact, you've just lost Rosa privileges. From now on, you can call me Diaz or Hey You.

Jake: Excuse me. We were just looking for a place to-
Amy: Boink.
Jake: Yes, boink. That's my preferred term for it, too.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
FOX announces second season finale April 20 2015

FOX has issued the press release for the second season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Johnny and Dora", airing Sunday, May 17. Kyra Sedgwick and Nick Cannon guest star.  Full story


When the squad hear Scully screaming, they rush into the bull pen and find a guy wheeling away the precinct's vending machine. Jake begs the repair guy to give them five minutes to say goodbye to the machine. After the squad salute the machine, the repair guy begins to wheel the machine away but it falls down and breaks open. The squad loot the free candy.

When Jake briefs the squad on the case of an identity thief, Captain Holt tells him to tail the suspect with Amy. Jake is uncomfortable working with Amy, given his feelings for her, but she's available so Holt insists. When Terry and Gina are called to Holt's office, he tells them that Wuntch is forcing him out. Holt wants them to find a letter which Wuntch wrote disparaging her boss.

Boyle goes to Rosa's desk to wish her a crappy birthday, since he knows she doesn't like celebrations. Boyle asks for Rosa's help moving his new Miss Pac-Man machine after work. Rosa sees through Boyle's ruse and thinks he's trying to get her to go to a bar for a birthday party.

As Amy and Jake, Rosa and Boyle watch the suspect enter a restaurant, Amy and Jake decide to move into the restaurant. When Jake and Amy are told there isn't an available table, they pretend to be a newly engaged couple, Johnny and Dora, who want to recreate their first date at the restuarant. The server promises to find a table for the young lovers. Jake and Amy are sat next to the suspect and his wife.

Terry and Gina arrive at the mayor's archives to find Wuntch's letter. Gina distracts the file clerk with talk about bird watching, as Terry struggles to break into the file cabinet. In the end, Terry carries the whole cabinet out. Back at the precinct, when Gina and Terry give Holt the letter, he asks them to bring him Madeline Wuntch. Meanwhile, Rosa punches Boyle to get the truth about his plans for evening. Boyle admits there's a party, leaving Rosa angry at him.

Back at the restaurant, Jake and Amy are in character as they talk to their identity thief and his wife about how they met and fell in love with each other. Elsewhere, Madeline arrives in the questioning room. Gina and Terry watch with popcorn from the other side of the glass. Things take a strange turn when Madeline insists on patting down Holt.

When their suspect makes a move for the kitchen, Amy and Jake follow and try keep an eye on him. When he emerges from the kitchen, Amy and Jake kiss to keep their cover. Later, Amy and Jake join Rosa and Boyle in the van to trail the suspect. Back at the precinct, Holt shows Madeline the letter he retrieved and gives her a twenty-four hour ultimatum.

As they continue trailing their perp, Rosa says she can't pull him over this close to the drop site. Rosa tells Boyle she'll go to the party for Marcus, but she's still angry at him. Meanwhile, as Jake and Amy stand guard near the drop site, Jake wonders if things are cool between them given their history. Amy says they're cool. When a criminal looks at Amy and Jake, they kiss again and then pull their guns on the guy.

Back at the precinct, Jake gives Amy the arrest report to sign. Despite their very awkward conversation, Amy insists things are fine between them. Meanwhile, outside a bar, Boyle tells Rosa to act like she's surprised when she enters the party. When they go in, Rosa is surprised to find the only person in the bar is Marcus. He mentions that is was Boyle's idea to rent a whole bar so she could celebrate her birthday without people around her.

When Wuntch visits Captain Holt's office, she pats him down again. Wuntch tells Holt to show the letter to her boss, saying it would take months to validate who wrote it. In the meantime, she would be able to pick apart his precinct by sending his best officers elsewhere.

Later, Captain Holt calls the squad's attention to tell them that he's being transferred away from the Nine-Nine. Holt is unusually emotional and thanks the squad for their service during his time as captain. When Holt leaves to go, Gina says she's going with him.

Following the news, Jake goes to the evidence room and finds Amy. Both in shock at Holt's announcement, they kiss again. They're interrupted when Boyle knocks to say the new captain is arriving. The squad gathers in front of the elevator to wait for their new captain, unsure who it will be.