The Chopper Season 2, Episode 22 - Aired May 10, 2015

The Chopper

When Madeline Wuntch gives Jake all the resources he needs to tackle a high-profile case, Holt is suspicious that she's setting the precinct up for failure.

Meanwhile, Terry hosts a field trip for a local magnet school in the hopes of impressing the school administrator, with Amy, Rosa and Gina's help.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Mo Gaffney as Dr. Susman, Paul Mabon as Officer Lou, Perry Anzilotti as Reggie Bludsoe, Dan Cole as Sheriff Grant Knox, Corey Allen Kotler as The Super, Makayla Lysiak as Tricia, Eve Moon as McKenzie, Benjamin Cole Royer as Bobby

Writers: Tricia McAlpin, David Phillips

Director: Phil Traill

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Episode Quotes

Madeline Wuntch: Hello, Raymond. How do you like my new office? Twentieth floor.
Captain Holt: Yes, I never thought I'd see you this high without a broom under you.

Jake: Captain, quick update. Another one of the Fulton Street Four was murdered here this morning.
Captain Holt: Huh. I'm surprised you're not celebrating inappropriately.
Jake: This is a crime scene and I'm a professional.
Captain Holt: You did it before I showed up?
Jake: Yep, that is exactly correct.

Sergeant Jeffords: We've got to make this place kid-friendly. No crime scene photos lying about.
Hitchcock: That's not a crime scene. That's a boudouir photo I'm having framed for my wife. That's me underneath the mask.

Jake: That's not what I meant. No, we have to fight her.
Captain Holt: We're not going to fight her. She's the devil. And you don't dance with the devil because you get burned. Also, because in Madeline's case she has no rhythm, and her hands are like little rat claws.

Jake: Okay, just so we're clear, from this point forward, my call sign will be Death Blade.
Charles: And I'll be Rum-tum-tugger.
Jake: No, Boyle, no characters from Cats. Dig deep. Think of something scary.
Charles: Adolf Hitler.
Jake: No! You will be Sidewinder.
Charles: All right, but I'm more scared of Hitler.

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222 'The Chopper' Press Release April 15 2015

Kyra Sedgwick will reprise her role as Madeline Wuntch on the May 10 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "The Chopper".  Full story


When Jake goes to get a file from Gina's desk, she hands it to him without looking up from her phone. After noticing she hasn't taken her eyes off her phone in two hours, Jake challenges the rest of the squad to try make Gina look up. Terry wins the challenge by changing his Facebook relationship status to "It's Complicated". But when his wife immediately calls him, Terry has to go home to patch things up.

Jake briefs the squad on the murder of an ex-con who was a member of a gang behind a $21m armed robbery. Holt, who is worried about Madeline Wuntch watching over the precinct, thinks Jake is making too much of the murder. Later, Terry reminds the rest of the squad that they're hosting a field trip for a local magnet school the next day. Amy, Gina and Rosa offer to help with the kids. Terry needs the trip to go well as his twin daughters are on the wait list for the school.

When Captain Holt arrives at a crime scene, Jake and Boyle are already there. Jake explains the victim is another member of the Fulton Street Four. Jake is disappointed when Captain Holt tells them Madeline Wuntch has requested to see them, likely to take the case away from them. Captain Holt does not want to stand up to Wuntch over this and won't fight it if she wants the case. Elsewhere, the magnet school children arrive at the precinct for their field trip. Terry and Amy bond with the school administrator, while Gina spends some time fixing the kids' social problems.

Captain Holt, Jake and Boyle arrive at Madeline Wuntch's office. Holt is surprised when Wuntch gives them the case and all the resources they need to solve it. Back at the precinct, Jake and Boyle are working on the case. Jake wants to start by interviewing one of the gang members, Reggie Bludsoe, who is living in Brooklyn. Captain Holt tells Jake he's putting himself on the case as he feels Wuntch is up to something. Holt thinks Wuntch is setting them up to fail.

As the kids play with evidence kits, Terry leaves to have a private chat with the school administrator. Sergeant Jeffords leaves Amy in charge, but she's uncomfortable around kids. Amy begs Gina to take over, but she's too busy dealing with the kids' interpersonal problems. Rosa wants to show them pictures of dead bodies, but Terry said to keep it kid-friendly. When the kids show no interest as Amy talks about what she finds interesting, she decides instead to show them the picture of a dead body.

Jake, Boyle and Captain Holt arrive at Bludsoe's apartment and find a half-packed suitcase. When they find Bludsoe hiding in a fake compartment, he tells them his former accomplice is trying to kill him. Back at the precinct, Terry finishes his chat with the school administrator. When they return to the kids to find them looking at gruesome pictures, the school administrator calls an end to the school trip.

In Bludsoe's apartment, he explains to Jake, Boyle and Holt how his former associate is trying to kill him for his key to the safe, which requires all four keys to open. Outside, Boyle says the suspect has an apartment two hours away upstate. When Holt says local police will have to raid it, Jake wants to take the chopper instead. Holt is determined to let local police handle it, but Jake has already called Wuntch and got permission to take the chopper.

On the chopper, Jake is super excited and gives everybody call signs, although Holt is unwilling to partake in their frivolity. Meanwhile, Terry apologizes to the school administrator for the kids' failed field trip and hopes she won't hold it against his daughters. Amy and Rosa show her that despite the grisly nature of some of the pictures, the kids did actually learn something today.

When the chopper lands, Jake, Boyle and Holt talk to local police before moving in on the barn when the suspect is reportedly hiding out. When they raid the barn, they find the suspect has already been killed - by Bludsoe who tricked them. Outside, Holt is furious at the disastrous case and how Wuntch will be able to use it against him.

When Jake points out how Holt is wrongly obsessing about Wuntch, rather than focusing on the case, Holt decides to solve the case to spite Wuntch and get that punk, Bludsoe. Jake and the Captain realize that it didn't make sense for Bludsoe, who knew he had $21m coming, to take a minimum wage at the coffee shop - unless that's where the safe is. Captain Holt calls for the chopper and starts using their radio signs.

At the precinct, Terry thanks Amy, rosa and Gina for helping him as his kids are now off the wait list. Elsewhere, Jake, Captain Holt and Boyle break down the door as Bludsoe breaks into the safe. The guys are excited to have caught their guy and recovered the cash.

Jake and Boyle pose for pictures behind the mountain of cash as Captain Holt and Madeline Wuntch watch on. Wuntch tells Holt she's impressed with his work. When Holt wonders why Madeline isn't upset that he didn't fail, he realizes she wanted him to succeed. Wuntch admits she was looking for an excuse to promote him to a desk job. Wuntch tells Holt to say goodbye to the Nine-Nine as she's making him head of NYPD Public Relations.