The Vulture Season 1, Episode 5 - Aired October 15, 2013

The Vulture

Jake is close to solving a case when a detective from Special Crimes takes over, just in time to claim the credit. Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Gina trick Terry in to returning to a shooting range.

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Guest Stars: Dean Winters as Detective Pembroke, Andy Richter as Doorman, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Jacquie Barnbrook as Martha, Annie Korzen as Estelle, Jerome Brooks as Uniformed Cop, Makeda Declet as Uniformed Cop

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Episode Quotes

Rosa: Come on, Peralta! Holt said to use the whole team. We all want this solved.
Jake: I appreciate the offer, but I work best alone. Except when it comes to sex. Actually, sometimes including sex.

Gina: Gina's authentic stolen police badges. How can I help?
Jake: Hey, it's Peralta.
Gina: Oh, hey, Jake.
Jake: Hey, do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?
Gina: Of course. I'm not an animal.

Captain Holt: Still waiting, sergeant.
Sergeant Jeffords: It's just, the target looks exactly like a friend of mine. It's freaking me out.
Captain Holt: You have a friend, who's just a silhouette?
Sergeant Jeffords: Yes!

Jake: God, you had sex with a 68-year-old when you were in your twenties?
Charles: You know how it is. When you have a chance to bed an older woman, you-
Jake: No, that is not an older woman. That's an old woman! That's someone's grandma!
Charles: She was, actually. That's how I met her. Went to college with her grandson Marvin. Don't don't knock it till you try it. She had a replacement hip with some serious torque. It was like having sex with a Transformer.
Jake: No. That is no one's fantasy.

Charles: You talking oldest bags? Sixty-eight.
Amy: That's not that old.
Charles: No, but I was only twenty.
Jake: Were you even a cop then?
Charles: No, man. It was before I got into the academy.
Rosa: Charles isn't talking about his oldest arrest.
Everybody: Ew!


As Jake talks to Rosa and Amy about their oldest arrests as cops, Boyle joins the conversation but doesn't quite grasp what they're talking about. They soon realize Boyle is talking about his oldest sexual partner.

In the briefing room, Sergeant Jeffords asks for a progress report on Jake's murder case. Jake says they're at the one-yard line. Jake has everything he needs to pin the murder on the victim's wife, except for the murder weapon. The DA is refusing to take the case forward until they can produce the weapon. Jake insists he's got the case under control. When Amy, Rosa and Charles ask Jake if they can help, Jake agrees to let Boyle tag along because he's least likely to steal Jake's thunder.

Captain Holt asks Terry to accompany him to a gun range. Terry is afraid to go near the range because he hasn't fired a gun since the incident. Captain Holt insists he only wants some pointers because his gun skills are rusty after years of a desk job in the NYPD. Holt insists he'll keep it low-key by going to a private range after work. Gina wants to join them so she can get certified, since there's been a lot of crime in her neighborhood and the cops in her precinct (the nine-nine) are very bad.

Jake and Boyle arrive at the apartment block where the murder took place, and interview the doorman in the hopes of finding the weapon. When the doorman isn't helpful, they go door-to-door to interview other residents. Rosa calls to say she thinks the weapon was a cork screw, not a knife. Rosa then says Jake should get back to the precinct right away. Jake and Boyle arrive back to find The Vulture, of Major Crimes, is there and is taking the case away from them.

Later, at a bar, Jake, Amy, Rosa and Boyle discuss how much they hate the Vulture. Meanwhile, Sergeant Jeffords joins Captain Holt and Gina at a shooting range. When Terry gets fed up of explaining to them the correct way to hold a gun, he grabs the gun and demonstrates himself, firing seven shots. When the Captain and Gina are unhappy he didn't make eight shots, Terry realizes they're trying to have him recertified.

Back at the bar, the guys are still angry at the Vulture and are plotting their revenge. Boyle suggests they cover the Vulture's motorcycle in plastic wrap and melt it with a hair dryer. When they get to the Vulture's apartment, they don't have a hair dryer to melt the plastic wrap. Scully decides to run, as quickly as he can, to a drugstore four blocks away to buy one.

Elsewhere, Captain Holt and Gina are still waiting on Terry to take the shot. Jake phones Gina to ask her if she's carrying a hair dryer. When Gina wonders why Jake would need it, the Captain over hears them talking about the Vulture. Captain Holt takes Gina's phone and tells Jake that he understands he's upset, but if he wants to stop this happening again he should use the whole team to solve cases before Major Crimes take them. Back outside the Vulture's apartment, Jake is happy with the Captain's suggestion. Jake decides they should go and solve the case right now. The guys take a bus to the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt is waiting for Sergeant Jeffords to finally fire the gun, but Terry starts to freak out. At the crime scene, Jake admits he should have come to the rest of the squad sooner. As they roleplay in the dead man's apartment, they realize a magnetic cork screw could have been thrown down the trash chute and still be there. The guys go to the trash chute and dangle Boyle down to look for the weapon. Another police team shows with their guns pointed and Jake and the squad.

At the shooting range, Captain Holt gets a call to say some of his officers got drunk, compromised a crime scene, and that one of them is stuck in a trash chute. Captain Holt tells Terry he needs him to lead this squad and he hopes he'll take the shot.

Bacl at the precinct, the Vulture is furious at Captain Holt. Outside, Jake is happy they found the corkscrew. Sergeant Jeffords yells at Jake, explaining how he's been so worried about his own kids that he forgot about his stupid grown-up kids. Sergeant Jeffords admits he should have been on top of the squad, and from now on he will be.

Jake interrupts Captain Holt and the Vulture's meeting to give him the murder weapon, explaining where it was found. Jake congratulates the Vulture on solving the case. The Vulture is happy enough and leaves. When the Captain says he's going to write everyone up who was there, Jake insists he was the only one who broke into the crime scene.