M.E. Time Season 1, Episode 4 - Aired October 8, 2013

M.E. Time

When Boyle takes lead on a possible homicide, Jake's attraction to the medical examiner delays the autopsy report. Meanwhile, Amy calls on Terry's artistic skills when the sketch artist falls sick.

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Guest Stars: Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Dr. Rossi, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Becky Thyre as Mrs. Patterson, Wayne Lopez as Uniformed Cop, Amanda Reed as Sue, Houstin Rhines as Gabe

Writers: Gil Ozeri

Director: Troy Miller

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Episode Quotes

Scully: Well, how do you know he's even in a bad mood? It's impossible to read that guy.
-cut to-
Captain Holt: This is the most incompetent, worthless report I have ever read in my life. Get your act together, or so help me God, you won't live to see retirement.
-cut to-
Scully: It's like, what's the guy thinking? You know?

Rosa: You all right, Captain? Tough weekend?
Captain Holt: I went to Barbados with my husband. We wove hats out of palm fronds and swam with the stingrays. I've never been happier.

Captain Holt: I threw away the photo because I think it's ostentatious to hang pictures of yourself, especially when you haven't earned a place on the wall.
Amy: Oh.
Captain Holt: But you would have me hang a Baroque oil painting of myself like I'm a North Korean dictator. What, no ornate gold frame? Why am I not astride my noble steed, clad in armor?
Amy: We could add a horse.

Sergeant Jeffords: You look chipper, Captain. Fun weekend?
Captain Holt: There was a small fire in my home. I lost many photo albums of treasured memories. I'm devastated.

Amy: It'll cheer the captain up. He'll be over the moon. He may even lean back in his chair and nod slightly.


As Amy and her date eat dinner in a restaurant, she receives a call from Jake who gives her the description of a serial killer they've been pursuing. When the description matches her date exactly, Amy figures Jake is watching them and she finds him sitting at another table. Despite Jake's date walking out on him because of his childish prank, he still says it was worth it.

In the briefing room, Jake boasts about having made five arrests in one week. When Boyle says he has a lead on the case of a person found dead on arrival, he is given the case as the primary with Jake and Rosa as secondaries. Amy warns Boyle that Jake is not good at taking orders as a secondary. Captain Holt tells the squad the monthly crime stats are due the next day, so he wants the paperwork on their closed case by the next day.

As Holt looks at a picture of himself hanging on the precinct's wall, Amy approaches him to talk about her case. Amy compliments the picture of him, but Captain Holt says he hates it and he takes it down. Back on the case, Amy tells Holt she needs a sketch for an eye witness report, but their sketch artist is out sick. Holt is curt with Amy, telling her to figure it out herself. Amy goes over to Rosa to ask her if she thinks Holt is in a bad mood. Rosa says she can not get a read on Holt's emotions.

When Boyle, Jake and Rosa arrive at the crime scene, Jake struggles to let Boyle take charge. Jake is more focused on making inappropriate comments about the obese dead guy. Elsewhere, Amy asks Sergeant Jeffords to help her with the sketch. Amy mentions to Terry that she thinks there's something wrong with Captain Holt, but Terry says he can't read Holt's emotions. Amy insists she and Holt share a special connection, and something is bothering him.

At the dead guy's apartment, Rosa confronts Jake about his behavior as a secondary. Jake promises to step back and let Boyle take the lead. As Boyle interviews the deceased's wife, Jake is more interested in the attractive medical examiner who just arrived.

Back at the precinct, Boyle fills Captain Holt in on the case and how Jake will help deal with the medical examiner. Boyle tells the Captain the death was probably the result of natural causes, but they'll know more when they get the autopsy results the next day. Elsewhere Jake is on a date with the medical examiner.

The next day at work, Boyle asks Jake if he's heard anything from the M.E. about the autopsy as it hasn't been sent over yet. Jake tells Boyle she's probably busy because of an influx of dead people, and he promises to tell Boyle when the M.E. calls. When Boyle leaves, Jake tells Rosa and Amy that he hooked up with the M.E. Jake recalls their odd night together on account of her weird "dead guy" fetish.

When Amy checks in on Terry, he's obsessing over small details on the sketch. Still convinced something's wrong with the Captain, Amy vows to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Holt chases Boyle for the case report, Boyle says he's still waiting on the autopsy report. When Holt threatens to call the M.E. to complain, Jake says that's not necessary. As the secondary on the case, Jake offers to go down to the M.E. and check on the progress.

An hour and a half later, Boyle goes to Rosa to show her evidence that the victim's wife only booked one cruise ticket, despite telling Boyle that she and her husband were planning on going on a cruise together next month. Boyle realizes the case could actually be a murder. Boyle wonders why Jake still isn't back with the autopsy report.

After Rosa and Boyle go down to the medical examiner, they can't find Jake anywhere. When they hear coughing from inside one of the morgue trays, they open it up to find a shivering, half-nude Jake. Jake apologizes for slowing down the autopsy, but say it doesn't really matter since it's obviously natural causes. Boyle admits they could be looking at a murder, and is angry at Jake for defying his instructions as the primary on the case. When Boyle asks for the autopsy to be done now, the M.E. says she would need an assistant, but she let hers go home when Jake showed up. Jake offers to act as her assistant to show how he can be a wonderful secondary. As he helps during the autopsy, Jake is disgusted by the dead man's innards.

When Captain Holt asks for an update on Amy's case, she informs him they managed to catch the perp with the help of the Sarge's sketch. After Holt leaves, Amy asks Terry for another favor. She would like Terry to make a new painting of the Captain for him to hang on the wall, hoping to cheer the Captain up.

Amy goes to Captain Holt's office to give him the painting. Captain Holt tells her he threw away the last painting as he thinks it's ostentatious to hang a painting of himself, especially when he hasn't yet earned his place on the wall.  Back at the medical examiner's office, she declares the cause of death as murder. When Jake says he'll go tell Boyle he was right, the M.E. suggests Jake stay for the "post-mortem", but Jake says no as the spell has worn off. No more weird dead guy sex for him.

Amy goes back to Captain Holt's office to tell him she's figured out why he's been so tense lately. Amy figures he's been worrying about the monthly crime stats. Amy tells Holt the figures are exactly the same as the month before - they haven't changed since Holt took over. Amy explains that flat numbers are actually a good thing, since a precinct's numbers almost always initially go down under new leadership. Amy tells the Captain that morale has already improved under his reign.

In the interrogation room, Boyle and Peralta question the victim's wife. They accuse her of murder and place her under arrest. Elsewhere, Rosa compliments Terry's painting of Captain Holt, though Sergeant Jeffords doesn't think it's his best work. Captain Holt disagrees and says he'd like to take the painting home for his husband. Although the Sarge still thinks Holt is unreadable, Amy insists she can read him.

At a bar, Jake and Rosa congratulate Boyle on his job as the primary on the case. Jake apologizes for being a bad secondary. When Jake gets a text saying the D.A. wants the case files, he offers to go back to the precinct to do the grunt work.