The Slump Season 1, Episode 3 - Aired October 1, 2013

The Slump

Stuck in a run of unsolved cases, Jake fears he's in a slump, while the other detectives worry about his losing streak rubbing off on them. Meanwhile, Santiago enlists Rosa and Gina when Holt asks her to speak to at-risk youths. Meanwhile, Terry need Boyle's help on a secret project.

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Guest Stars: Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Oliver Carter as 8-year-old Charles, Pete Davidson as Steven, Cleo Fraser as Charles's Sister, Scott Michael Morgan as Judd Sterrino, Lindsey Sims-Lewis as Kari, Helen Slayton-Hughes as Helen, Jack Walsh as George, Spice Williams-Crosby as Prostitute

Director: Julie Ann Robinson, Prentice Penny

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Episode Quotes

Charles: Hey, Sarge. I need someone to fill out a line up. Will you be scary Terry?
Sergeant Jeffords: Oh, I love being Scary Terry. He says what regular Terry's thinking.
[cut to:
Sergeant Jeffords: This is taking too long! I'm gonna miss the farmer's market!

Jake: I have a murder here with no leads and no evidence. It's unsolvable, and thus, shall have no paperwork.
Hitchcock: You had me at "no paperwork".
Jake: That was the very end of the sentence.

Jake: I don't slump, people. I opposite of slump. I pmuls. That's slump backwards and it's what I do. I pmuls all over this bitch.

Rosa: In this case, not being a cop might be better.
Gina: That's true in all cases. Cops are the worst.

Amy: You know how every year the precinct does that Junior Police Program seminar?
Rosa: That thing where we try to get a bunch of loser kids to become student snitches?
Amy: Mmm, no. The thing where we try to get at-risk kids-
Rosa: Losers.
Amy: To sign up to become Junior Police Officers-
Rosa: Snitches. What about it?


As the gang discuss the best cop movies in the bull-pen, Jake suggests the best film is the footage of Hitchcock being beaten by a hooker.

In the briefing room, Jake points out how Boyle looks like the "lady killer". Sergeant Jeffords is unhappy at how long it's taking Scully to digitize old police reports. When Captain Holt arrives, he is unhappy with Jake's lack of progress on a number of current cases. Gina and Amy think Jake might be in a slump, but he insists he doesn't slump. Later, when Captain Holt goes to check on Jake at his desk, Jake is adamant he's about to close a case.

Amy goes to Captain Holt's office after he asked to see her. Holt congratulates Amy on a recent drug bust and asks her to help him out with a community outreach program that's  important to him. Meanwhile, Boyle asks Sergeant Jeffords to help him out as Scary Terry by filling out a police line-up.

When Amy goes to Rosa to talk about the community outreach program, Rosa is not enthusiastic about a program where they "try to get a bunch of loser kids to become student snitches". Either way, Amy has already signed Rosa up. When Gina comes over and offers to help with the at-risk kids, Amy and Rosa are dismissive that Gina could help them as she is not a cop.

Jake's solve on the case of an unidentified elderly woman falls apart when the family member, whose grandmother is missing, does not recognize her. When the elderly woman hugs Boyle, who she thinks is her husband, Boyle manages to get the woman's ID out of her back pocket and solve the case. Jake finally realizes he is indeed in a slump.

Jake invites Rosa, Amy, Boyle and Terry to the break room to help him diffuse his slump. Captain Holt enters and tells Jake the best way to end a slump is simply to solve a case. Elsewhere, Amy and Rosa present the Junior Police program. Gina comes in and disrupts the class. Soon, Amy and Rosa are unable to control the class as Gina leads chants of "Black people can sell drugs!", just as Captain Holt walks by. Meanwhile, Boyle finds Sergeant Jeffords struggling to make a doll house. 

Jake convinces Hitchcock to take one of his unsolvable cases as its difficult nature means there won't be any paperwork. Jake then joins Boyle, who says he has a slam dunk of a case, ready for Jake to solve. Captain Holt is unhappy that Jake hasn't solved any of his old cases and has instead taken on a new one. Despite the Captain's admonishment, Jake leaves with Boyle for the easy case.

As Amy struggles to get the kids to take her seriously, Rosa thinks it's because they don't identify with her as she's not from the streets. When Rosa talks to the kids, one of the kids uses an app on his phone to remix Rosa's words, making the other kids laugh.

Jake and Boyle storm into an apartment to catch a drug dealer, but all they find is an old man with a number of medical ailments. When they return to the precinct, Jake is angered to hear that Hitchcock managed to solve the unsolvable case after the perp just turned confessed and turned himself in.

When Jake goes to the bathroom, Gina enters to tell him the M.E. called and because of mishandling of evidence, Jake's last two drug busts don't count. His luck gets worse when the urinal explodes and sprays water all over him. Jake goes to Captain Holt's office to complain that he's cursed. As a result, Captain Holt benches Jake and sets him the task of digitizing old files.

After Amy and Rosa accept they might not be able to reach the kids, they realize that Gina might be able to, so they go ask for her help. Meanwhile, Jake is bored out of his mind digitizing old files. He calls on Hitchcock to let him back on the murder case, but Hitchcock doesn't want to catch Jake's contagious slump. To try turn his luck around, Captain Holt gives Jake a lucky rabbit's foot to rub.

When Terry admits the doll house has defeated him, Boyle offers to help Terry put it together. Terry doesn't want Boyle's help. Instead, Terry hulks out and destroys what he's built of the princess castle. Meanwhile, Jake notices something in the records he's digitizing. Jake invites Boyle to the urinal to secretly ask him to make some calls about a case he thinks can end his slump.

Gina talks to the kids about her passion for dancing, which she demonstrates to the kids. When Gina's interpretive dance isn't well received by the kids, she simply outlines the simple reasons to become a cop: they earn $52,000 a year, never have to stop at red lights, and get to carry a gun. Eight kids sign up right there and then. Gina tells Rosa and Amy that that's what made her sign up when she was a kid. They're surprised to hear Gina took this program as a kid, though she admits it does not work.

Jake and Boyle talk to suspects in the bathroom. Jake solved the case of the missing grandma - she never existed. The perps have submitted five missing persons cases in five states, probably for insurance fraud. Jake's slump is finally over. Meanwhile, Captain Holt congratulates Amy and Rosa on the sign-ups for the Junior Police Program. When they say Gina deserves the credit, Holt promotes her to his own personal secretary - more responsibilities for the same money.

Jake goes to Captain Holt's office to get reinstated. Holt tells Jake he's a talented detective but he needs to get out of his own head. Elsewhere, Boyle completes the princess castle for Terry.