Operation Broken Feather Season 1, Episode 15 - Aired February 2, 2014

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Jake is upset when he learns Amy is considering leaving the precinct to work with "the Vulture" at the Special Crimes unit. Meanwhile, Jeffords helps Captain Holt reorganize the precinct to make it more productive.

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Guest Stars: Adam Sandler as Himself, Patton Oswalt as Fire Mashall Boone, Fred Armisen as Mlepnos, Joe Theismann as Himself, Dean Winters as Detective Pembroke, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Danny Belrose as Gus Wimbledon, Steve Brown as Irwin, Nate Bynum as Dantye, Jason Parham as Perp, Nicole Pulliam as Angela D'Beverly, Sean Whalen as Bill Voss

Writers: Dan Goor, Michael Schur

Director: Julie Ann Robinson

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: So we have good news, and we have bad news.
Charles: My Nana always said, "Bad news first because the good news is probably a lie." Fun fact: she made me cry a lot.

Jake: I guess that's your new best friend now, Santiago. Emphasis on "Iago," backstabber.
Amy: I'm surprised you've read Othello.
Jake: What the hell's Othello? I'm calling you the parrot from Aladdin.

Jake: Amy, check it out.
Amy: Nice! You got it framed?
Jake: Of course. It commemorates our victory over the Vulture, the greatest day in human history. Sorry the tear gas made you look like a demon dog at the end of Ghostbusters.

Jake: So, I'm going to grab a healthy breakfast.
Captain Holt: Are those gummy bears wrapped in a fruit roll-up?
Jake: Breakfast burrito, but yeah.
Captain Holt: I pity your dentist.
Jake: Joke's on you. I don't have a dentist.

Sergeant Jeffords: Good Lord. Where did he get that?
Captain Holt: Oh, my God, we're doomed. Boyle looks like a lesbian.