The Party Season 1, Episode 16 - Aired February 4, 2014

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When the precinct celebrate Captain Holt's birthday at his house, they fail to make a good impression on Raymond's husband.

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Guest Stars: Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Marilu Henner as Vivian, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Harvey J. Alperin as Joseph, Grace Rowe as Nancy, Jim Hoffmaster as Lawrence, Peter Spruyt as Gerard, Andy Kreiss as Eric

Writers: Gil Ozeri, Gabe Liedman

Director: Michael Engler

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Episode Quotes

Gina: All men are at least 30% attracted to me. My mother cried the day I was born, because she knew she would never be better than me. At any given moment, I'm thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfuss hunkered over eating dog food. I feel like I'm the Paris of people.

Amy: I can't wait to see the inside of Raymond's house. I'm gonna learn everything there is to know about him.
Charles: I bet it's really fancy. Like Beauty and the Beast fancy.
Jake: No, it's probably just an empty, white cube with a USB port in it for him to plug his finger in when he's on sleep mode.

Jake: I'm talking to my credit card company. I tried to get an online subscription to the New Yorker and they declined me. Apparently, based on my previous purchases, they assumed it was fraud. That's crazy. I'm fancy. One time I had coffee-flavored ice cream.

Rosa: Gina, what are you thinking about right now?
Gina: I was thinking how I would make the perfect American president, based upon my skill set, dance ability and bloodlust.

Jake: What is going on out there? We can't tell cop stories, Kevin doesn't find me charming, and a native English speaker referred to Captain Holt as "hilarious." I am flummoxed! That's a word I learned for this party, and I am it!