117 - Full Boyle Aired February 11, 2014

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Jake tries to stop Charles going "full Boyle" in his new relationship with Vivian. Meanwhile, Rosa and Amy deal with a caped vigilante, and Holt faces competition at the police organization he founded.

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Guest Stars: Marilu Henner as Vivian, Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Nate Torrence as Super Dan, Amanda Lund as Bernuce, Marque Richardson as Brian Jensen, Felipe Alejandro as Hector, Leslie Simms as Gloria, Shawn Kenneth as Undercover Officer

Writers: Norm Hiscock

Director: Craig Zisk

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Episode Quotes

Charles: Sexy train is leaving the station. Check out this caboose. Later, sluts.

Boyle: And then, a skywriter's gonnna write Charles loves V. I couldn't afford her full name.
Jake: First of all, Charles loves V means something very specific, and I'm gonna guess not what you're intending. More importantly, you're going Full Boyle.

Captain Holt: I'll work on my speech. How's this for an opening joke?
"You know what the toughest part of being a gay black police officer is?
The discrimination."
I believe that's what you call observational humor.

Gina: Okay, here's what I found out about our competition. Brian Jensen, born 1899, served in the Navy during World War One. A hero at the battle of Scimitar Hill, Jensen perished in a factory fire in the Netherlands. This may be a different Brian Jensen.

Jake: And this beautiful basketball-loving Die Hard fan is tearing down my walls of defenses. If we find out that she is half-Jewish, we are all doomed!