Tactical Village Season 1, Episode 19 - Aired March 4, 2014

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The squad takes part in a mandatory training day, competing with other regional precincts. On the training day, Amy runs into Teddy, a fellow officer she used to date. Meanwhile, Holt becomes addicted to a game on his phone and Rosa is snubbed by Charles.

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Guest Stars: Dirk Blocker as Hitchcock, Joel McKinnon Miller as Scully, Marilu Henner as Vivian, Kyle Bornheimer as Teddy, Charlie Sanders as Ronnie, Rolando Boyce as Steve Millerbund, Malcolm Devine as Mitch Lorth, Anthony Molinari as Perp #1

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Fred Goss

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Episode Quotes

Jake: It's the most fun day of the year. Something you wouldn't understand because you're not programmed to feel joy.
Captain Holt: Yes, but my software is due for an exuberance upgrade.

Terry: Talk to him, that's what friends do.
Rosa: Nope. I'm gonna wait 'til I'm on my deathbed, get in the last word and then die immediately.
Terry: That's your plan for dealing with this?
Rosa: That's my plan for dealing with everything. I have seventy-seven arguments I'm going to win that way.

Gina: Have you seen Captain Holt? Tall, handsome gentleman dressed like an airline pilot.

Rosa: Right, that's the guy you said the lame stuff about. Like he's a good listener.
Amy: Sorry, what do you look for in a guy?
Rosa: Real stuff, like the shape of his ass.

Jake: When it comes to shooting patterns, I like to go PB&J. Penis, Brain, Jaw.