Undercover Season 2, Episode 1 - Aired September 28, 2014


When Jake finishes his undercover FBI operation and returns to the Nine-Nine, he learns that one of the mobsters got away. Jake returns undercover with the help of Charles.

Meanwhile, the squad creaks under the pressure when Holt tests them with repeated practice drills, without telling them why.

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Guest Stars: Jenny Slate as Bianca, Ray Campbell as Agent Marx, Joe Sabatino as Benny, Sari Lennick as Bev, Derick Alexander as Marcus

Writers: Luke Del Tredici

Director: Dean Holland

 This episode features in the list Jake and Amy: Key Episodes.

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Jake's undercover operation inside a mob family.

Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: I was trying to shield you. Do you know how much stress I've been under lately? My husband says he hasn't seen me smile in weeks.
Sergeant Jeffords: How much did you smile before that?
Captain Holt: Constantly.

Charles: Oh, you're right. I'm gonna tell him. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. It definitely won't be later than tomorrow. So pretty much today or tomorrow then.

Jake: So, now that we are alone. I have to ask. Did you arrest a perp named Joe Uterus?
Amy: Oh my god, yes. I should have told you immediately. Perp name Hall of Fame, right?
Jake: Oh, yeah. First ballot. It was right up there with Sylvester Stools and Janet Stalkmuncher.

Captain Holt: Resume the drill, Timmy. And do not say or do anything a seven-year-old boy would not say or do. Feel free to consult the script I've prepared.
Sergeant Jeffords: Okay, but it's a little stilted. "I am feeling trepidation at the prospect of a parent-less existence." No kid talks like that.
Captain Holt: Those lines were lifted verbatim from my childhood diary.

Sergeant Jeffords: My name is Adelaide Van Hoyt. I'm eighty-nine years old, and I'm here to report a crime.
Amy: Not a problem. We can help you.
Rosa: Adelaide Van Hoyt. Eighty-nine years old. Goatee, six three, and two hundred and ninety pounds.
Sergeant Jeffords: Hey, this is a tight two-forty. Show Adelaide some damn respect.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
Katey Sagal to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine December 7 2015

Katey Sagal (Married with Children, Futurama, 8 Simple Rules) will guest star in an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Jake's mother, TVLine.com exclusively reported today.  Full story


Jake is undercover at a mobster's wedding reception and gives a speech to the newly-weds. As Jake parties, dances and chats with some of the older mobster men, he gives the signal to Holt and the squad - who are in a covert surveillance van listening in - to storm the building. As the cops move in, one carries Jake out to the van where he is reunited with Captain Holt, who has more important things on his mind at that moment than catching up with Jake.

Back at the precinct, Boyle excitedly tells the guys Jake has arrived in the building. Boyle wants to prank Jake by having everything fail to acknowledge his return, but as soon as Jake enters, Boyle's emotions get the better of him. As Jake catches up with Boyle, Amy, Rosa and Terry, Captain Holt tells him they're busy so Jake only has two minutes - now just seconds - to catch up. Jake gives them the highlights and then asks to speak privately to Amy.

Jake and Amy chat about a suspect she caught while Jake was away, Joe Uterus, a clear nominee for the Perp Name Hall of Fame. As Jake tries to discuss how he told Amy he has feelings for her, Amy says she's still with Teddy. Jake tells her that he just wanted to say it was a mistake to say he had feelings for her, and he was just overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving the force.

Another cop goes to Rosa's desk to tell her there's a confused elderly woman in need of assistance. The elderly woman is Terry who is performing another one of Captain Holt's practice drills. Although Rosa initially resists taking Terry, or "Adelaide Van Hoyt", seriously, Amy pushes Rosa to follow procedure. Meanwhile, Gina approaches Boyle in the break room to talk about their night together. Gina is worried Boyle is about to tell Jake they slept together, which Boyle concedes is likely to happen in the next two days.

In Captain Holt's office, Jake meets with Holt and an FBI Special Agent, who congratulates Jake on his work. The FBI agent reveals that one of the perps, Frankie, got away. Jake is unhappy with the outcome and is determined to go undercover again to try catch the guy, even if Holt thinks it's a bad idea. Later, Jake is back in character and enlists Boyle's help to catch the perp.

When Amy and Rosa go to tell Captain Holt they completed the drill, Terry returns under the guise of a lost seven-year-old, Timmy, much to Amy and Rosa's irritation. After Amy, Rosa and Terry speak out against the repeated drills, Captain Holt won't tell them why the drills are necessary.

At a bar, Jake asks the bartender whether he knows where Freddie is. As planned, Boyle enters the bar waving around his police badge and picking a fight with Jake. Boyle takes it a step further by punching Jake in the face and in the balls. Meanwhile, Gina sits down with Scully and Hitchcock, who she would usually consider beneath her, telling them a secret is about to be revealed that would bring her down to their level.

As they drive to Freddie's girlfriend's apartment, Jake is angry at Boyle for being so physical during their staged confrontation. The only good part is that the fight was so ridiculous, nobody could possibly believe it was planned. Back at the precinct, Amy and Rosa are looking after "Timmy", who is bored by the toys they have. Rosa has an idea how to keep Timmy entertained.

When they arrive at the apartment building where Freddie's girlfriend lives, Jake tells Boyle to stay in the car and says he'll use the car key's remote locking feature to signal if he needs help. Jake goes to the apartment and is let in by the girlfriend. After she locks the door behind Jake, she tells him she knows he is the rat and points a gun at him.

As Jake tries to reason with her, he uses the car key to signal to Boyle, who keeps getting trapped in the car when the door locks. When he eventually gets out, he realizes he doesn't have his gun. Eventually Boyle makes it to the apartment and gets the girlfriend to surrender her weapon. Meanwhile, Captain Holt walks outside the precinct to find Amy, Rosa and "Timmy" on a bouncy castle. Holt deflates the castle and tells them to get out.

As Jake and Boyle talk to the girlfriend, she refuses to turn in her boyfriend. After Jake tells her how Freddie was cheating on her with a number of women, she tells them Freddie is on his way to the airport to catch a flight out of the country. Jake and Boyle set out to stop the plane. Elsewhere, Amy asks Gina about the sweater she's wearing. Gina explains her spirit animal is now the naked mole rat, a disturbing picture of which adorns her sweater.

Captain Holt tells Sergeant Jeffords off for disobeying his orders and interrupting the drill. Captain Holt finally explains to Terry that there's a new police commissioner on the way who will put the squad under the spotlight. After Holt says he has no idea what's going on at NYPD police headquarters, Terry points out that's how the squad felt doing the repeated drills for him without knowing the reasons behind them.

When Jake and Boyle arrive at the airport, they stop an airport worker to tell him they need to stop the plane Freddie is on. The airport worker tells them his plane left an hour ago. Jake is frustrated that the suspect got away again. Back at the precinct, Boyle tries to console Jake, pointing out he still put fifteen criminals away. Without prompting, Boyle reveals there's a surprise party planned for Jake.

As the squad gathers at a bar, Jake enters. Holt gives a short speech, telling Jake he's proud of him and that the squad missed him. After Holt agrees - with numerous conditions - to pay for the squad's drinks, Jake buys Amy a wildly expensive - and disgusting - combination drink. Jake tells Amy that the feelings he expressed to her before going undercover were genuine. He understands she's seeing someone so nothing can happen, but he didn't want to hold anything back. Amy thanks him for telling her, even though it doesn't change anything as she is with Teddy.

At the bar, Boyle goes to Gina and tells her he hasn't told anybody they slept together as he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Gina is relieved their nightmare is over. The next morning, they wake up in bed together again.