The Jimmy Jab Games Season 2, Episode 3 - Aired October 12, 2014

The Jimmy Jab Games

When a foreign president's motorcade is delayed and the Captain and Terry leave for a meeting, Jake launches the "Jimmy Jab Games". The co-workers battle each other in a series of challenges around the precinct. Jake places a bet with Rosa to get the phone number of her attractive friend, but she wonders whether he still has feelings for Amy.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Terry travel to One Police Plaza to request funding for a new drug task force from Holt's nemesis, Deputy Chief Wuntch.

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Guest Stars: Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch, Terrell Owens as Himself, Patton Oswalt as Fire Mashall Boone, S.E. Perry as Chief Fisker, Christopher Michael as Hank, Nicole Pettis as Judy

Writers: Lakshmi Sundaram

Director: Rebecca Asher

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to the series of games Jake invented when the squad had motorcade duty before.

Episode Quotes

Jake: I don't have feelings for Amy any more. So, time for me to get out there and spread my -
Charles: legs.
Jake: - wings. Get out there and spread my legs?!
Charles: Well, either way...
Jake: No, not either way. Only wings.

Sergeant Jeffords: Apparently he's on an important call with the Albanian president.
Amy: Is that Bujar Nishani or is it still Bamir Topi?
Gina: Oh, Ames, let me check. Mmm, it just says no one likes you.

Charles: Are you blackmailing me? I don't have any money, Hitchcock. I'm still paying my uncle's funeral bills. I rear-ended the hearse. It was a mess.

Jake: Ugh, motorcade duty is so boring. I honestly would rather sit around and listen to you talk about the right way to make paella.
Charles: There's more than one right way to make paella. There are ten right ways. You've got Valencian, modern Valencian.
Jake: Wait, stop. I've made a terrible mistake.

Captain Holt: We're here are about a new and very potent for ecstasy that has surfaced in our precinct; street name, giggle pig.
Madeline Wuntch: Hmm, an embarrassing blight growing right under your nose. Not unlike that moustache you had when we first met.
Captain Holt: That moustache was era-appropriate.


In the precinct break room, Jake tells Boyle how bored he is waiting around on motorcade duty. Jake says he'd rather hear Boyle explain the right way to cook paella, but when Boyle does Jake realizes he made a big mistake. When Rosa walks in, Jake asks her for the phone number of her hot friend. Rosa refuses to give the phone number. When Rosa leaves, Charles questions whether Jake still has feelings for Amy.

Captain Holt and Terry brief the squad about motorcade duty. The foreign president's plane was delayed, so they're stuck waiting around for at least three hours while Captain Holt and Terry attend a meeting. After Holt and Terry leave the briefing room, Jake tells the squad it's time for another round of the Jimmy Jab Games, a series of challenges he invented when they last had motorcade duty.

In Captain Holt's office, Holt and Terry prepare for their meeting with Madeline Wuntch. Holt is nervous that Wuntch will deny their request for updated drug testing kits owing to the bitterness between them. Meanwhile, Jake bets Rosa that he will win the Jimmy Jab Games and he wants her friend's number as the reward. Elsewhere, Boyle tells Gina that a camcorder tape which features they getting intimate has gone missing, with Hitchcock taking the camera.

After Captain Holt and Terry leave, Jake launches the games. The squad is playing for the best chair in the precinct. The first challenge is to eat month-old Chinese food from the refrigerator. Boyle, who values his sense of taste, is the first to be eliminated. Scully is the winner of the round, though it later forces him out of the competition with food poisoning.

At One Police Plaza, Deputy Chief Wuntch greets Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords in the lobby. She reviews their proposal there and then and, after finding a typo in the report, rejects it out of hand. After Wuntch leaves, Captain Holt tells Terry the typo was intentional. He wanted her to reject their proposal for a spurious reason and he has already booked a meeting with her superior to get her decision overruled. Elsewhere, when Boyle approaches Hitchcock about the tape in the camera, Hitchcock blackmails Boyle. Rather than money, Hitchcock wants Boyle to make him look cool in the squad's eyes.

The Jimmy Jab Games continue with a race across the precinct in a bulky bomb suit. As they run up stairs, Hitchcock falls and is eliminated. The next event sees Jake, Amy and Rosa don disguises and go undercover. They must talk to as many other cops as possible without blowing their cover. Meanwhile, Boyle chats to Hitchcock, who wants to be part of a conversation with Jake where he isn't mocking him.

Outside, Amy talks to Jake after only convincing two officers that she was a pregnant woman. When Rosa comes out, she's angry that she blew her cover before even talking to one cop, getting her eliminated. Rosa asks to speak to Jake in private, telling him she thinks he's still into Amy. Rosa says he should call off the bet as he doesn't really want her friends number. Rosa challenges Jake to beat Amy and finish the competition without flirting with her.

When Boyle takes Hitchcock to Jake's desk and manages to get Jake to say Hitchcock's name, Hitchcock refuses to hand over the tape to Boyle, insisting he wants more moments like that. Back at One Police Plaza, Madeline Wuntch interrupts Holt and Terry's meeting with Chief Fisker. After Holt and Wuntch trade barbs, the Chief reacts positively to Holt's request for $1200 to fund updated drug testing kits, Holt talks the Chief into giving them a full task force. In the hallway, Wuntch tells Holt she played him and got him to oversell the Giggle Pig problem. Now the task force will have to make a number of arrests or it will have been a clear waste of police funds.

In the final event, the Obstacle Course, Jake and Amy run through the precinct while performing tasks and battling through fire extinguisher foam. When Amy wins the race, her celebration is cut short as Captain Holt and Sergeant Jeffords return to the precinct and demand to know what is going on. While the others obfuscate, Rosa steps up and tells them about the Jimmy Jab Games.

When Hitchcock goes to chat to Boyle, he finds Charles searching through his locker for the videotape. After Hitchcock says the tape is on his person, Boyle and Hitchcock wrestle for the video. Holt tells the squad the presidential plane is now in the air so they must go. Jake admits to Rosa that he let Amy win because he still has feelings for her. Outside, in the police car, Rosa finally gives Jake her friend's phone number, telling him the best way to get over someone is to move on.

When Terry goes to Captain Holt's office, Holt is feeling down that the squad's performance today was sub-optimal and that Madeline Wuntch beat him. Holt feels he needs the task force to succeed, but the squad has no detective adult enough to lead it. Terry suggests Rosa, who stood up and told the truth, is the best candidate for the job. Sergeant Jeffords argues Wuntch didn't beat Holt, they're just both so consumed with pettiness that they can't see the task force is a real chance to do good in the community. Holt agrees and decides to have Rosa lead the task force.