The Road Trip Season 2, Episode 9 - Aired November 30, 2014

The Road Trip

When Jake and Amy are required to stay in a hotel overnight while transporting a criminal, Jake turns the trip into a romantic retreat by inviting his girlfriend, Sophia, and Amy's boyfriend, Teddy.

Meanwhile, Charles is eager to help Captain Holt when he asks for cooking advice, while Rosa refuses to accept Terry and Gina's help when they suspect she is under the weather.

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Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Sophia, Kyle Bornheimer as Teddy, Mariano Mendoza as The Perp, Adam Lamb as The Bar Tender, Kelly Keaton as Melissa

Writers: Brigitte Munoz-Liebowitz

Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

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Episode Quotes

Sergeant Jeffords: Wait, is that a smile I see?
Rosa: Possibly. My immune system is too weak to fight off my smile muscles.

Captain Holt: I have zero interest in food. If it were feasible, my diet would consist entirely of flavorless beige smoothies containing all the nutrients required by the human animal.

Captain Holt: Anyway, tomorrow's my anniversary with Kevin. I'd like to cook him an impressive breakfast. Could you help orient me with that process?
Charles: I'd be honored. Preparing food for one's lover is the most intimate gift of all. Aside from washing their hair.

Rosa: (Answering Hitchock's phone) Hello. No, there's no Michael here. You have the wrong number. Good-bye.
Hitchcock: I'm Michael.
Rosa: That's a dumb name, but it's yours, and you should be proud of it because you are the greatest Detective I've ever known.
Hitchcock: No doy, Diaz. No doy.

Charles: Try being more descriptive. I know you love Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Why?
Captain Holt: Their components have a long shelf life, they're cost effective, and they're so simple a child could make them.

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FOX has released the synopsis for the November 30 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "The Road Trip". Eva Longoria returns as Sophia, Jake's girlfriend, in the episode.  Full story


Jake and Boyle brief the Captain as they prepare to go undercover as two longshoremen men to catch a smuggler. As Jake and Boyle fill the Captain in on their undercover aliases, Sergeant Jeffords comes to say the smuggler turned himself in. Before Jake and Boyle return their costumes, Captain Holt gives them ten minutes to enjoy their assumed identities. When Boyle calls himself "Twink Tucker" and speaks with an Irish accent, Jake says he's ruined it.

Captain Holt goes to Amy and Jake's desk to talk about a prisoner transfer upstate. Amy explains that the local police are demanding they collect the criminal at 6:30AM the next morning, so she and Jake will drive up there tonight and stay in a B&B. After Holt leaves, Jake asks Amy if she minds that he invited Sophia along since the B&B looks romantic. Amy says she doesn't mind, and mentions how Teddy has never done anything romantic like that for her. After Amy leaves, Jake calls Teddy.

Captain Holt approaches Boyle in the kitchen to ask him to his office for some culinary help. Boyle is excited at the prospect of finally having a shared interest with the Captain, until Holt says he has no interest at all in food. The captain explains his anniversary with Kevin is approaching and he would like to a cook a romantic breakfast for him.

When Rosa tells Terry and Gina she has a perp in the interrogation room, they both realize she's hiding a cold, but Rosa refuses to admit she's sick. After Terry tells her she should go home, Rosa says her drug task force needs a win and she won't leave until she has the name of the perp's giggle pig supplier.

When Amy and Jake arrive at the B&B, they are greeted by Sophia, who has already checked herself and Jake in to the "room of a thousand dolls". After Jake tells Amy to be ready for a great surprise, she's scared of what he might have planned and demands to know. Jake reveals he's invited Teddy along for her, leading Amy to admit she's about to break up with him.

At the B&B bar, Amy wonders why Jake had to do this as it's messed up her plans to break-up with Teddy. Amy says they can't call Teddy to tell him not to come up as he'll know something's wrong. Amy is worried she won't be able to hide her true emotions from Teddy when he arrives. Meanwhile, Terry confronts Rosa about staying at work while she's sick. She again refuses to admit she's sick, even though she's looking for the cold medicine. Terry and Gina decide they'll have to go behind Rosa's back to help her.

When Jake arrives at the hotel room, he's creeped out by all the dolls on the bed. Sophia admits the room is more scary than romantic. Despite their big intentions for the romantic hotel room, Jake tells Sophia they will have to run interference for Amy and Teddy to stop her from inadvertently tipping Teddy off to how she feels. Elsewhere, Boyle gives Captain Holt some food samples, but Holt struggles to get as excited about food as Charles.

When Jake and Sophia return to the hotel lobby to find Amy, she admits she's already acting weird around Teddy. Jake tells her that he and Sophia will dine with them to make sure she doesn't say anything weird around Teddy. At dinner, Jake and Sophia try to distract Teddy from Amy. When Teddy mentions his love of Pilsner again, Amy breaks and admits she wants to end their relationship.

Terry goes to Gina to tell her they have to act soon about Rosa, who took the non-drowsy cold medicine and is bouncing around the precinct. Terry decides he'll go interrogate Rosa's perp, while Gina should distract her. Despite Terry telling her not to, Gina locks Rosa away in a distant room. Meanwhile, Boyle's attempt to teach Captain Holt how to scramble egg fails completely when Holt walks out of Boyle's lesson.

Back at the B&B, Teddy is surprised that his love of Pilsner is the main reason Amy wants to break up with him. As Amy struggles to explain her reasoning, Sophia and Jake offer to leave. Teddy says they should stay as he'd like to examine the real problem in his relationship with Amy: Jake. Teddy reveals to Sophia that Jake told Amy he liked her twice, and that he suspects Amy liked Jake back. Following the revelations, Sophia and Teddy leave the dining area.

Jake goes to Sophia's hotel room to apologize. When Sophia hears Jake knock on the wrong door, she comes out to talk to him. Sophia tells him her problem wasn't that Jake once liked Amy, it was his look when he heard Amy liked him back. Jake tells her his feelings for Amy are in the past and tells Sophia that he likes her. Elsewhere, when Boyle arrives for work, Captain Holt apologizes for his behavior. Captain Holt explains that after reading Boyle's culinary blogs, he began to understand that food tells a story. Captain Holt made Kevin a croque monsieur, which he and Kevin shared in Paris on their first anniversary. Boyle eats a sample and declares it perfect, and Holt a natural chef.

When Terry goes to Gina to check on Rosa, Gina tells him she's been asleep for the past ten hours. Rosa then smashes the window, unlocks the door and escapes. Still determined to interrogate her perp, Terry tells Rosa he's already got the name of the perp's supplier. Gina gives Rosa a care package she made to help her feel better. Terry tells Rosa this is where she thanks them for their help, which Rosa does with an unwitting smile.

As they drive back from the B&B, Amy admits to Jake that it was for the best that she broke up with Teddy. Jake tells Amy he and Sophia are still back together, but he was thrilled to her she liked him and he will bring it up constantly.