Windbreaker City Season 2, Episode 15 - Aired February 8, 2015

Windbreaker City

As Jake continues to feel bad about his break up with Sophia, his spirits are lifted when the squad is invited to a Department of Homeland Security anti-terror drill. Jake's hopes for a win dissipate when the agent in charge gives them the lame role of playing hostages.

Meanwhile, Holt is disturbed by the results of a personality test Gina administers, while Amy and Rosa battle for a day off work.

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Guest Stars: Eva Longoria as Sophia, Cassius Willis as Agent Mazzarino, Seth Morris as Agent Piln, Nick Kroll as Agent Kendrick, Jan Munroe as Dr. Henderson

Writers: Gabe Liedman

Director: Craig Zisk

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Episode Quotes

Jake: "Uh-oh, hope it doesn't get too sexual." Title of your sex tape. But seriously, what is taking so long. Also the title of your sex tape.

Captain Holt: Gina, you know I appreciate you, but you have to admit we're not exactly cut from the same cloth.
Gina: Apparently not. I am, of course, exotic silk, where you, sir, are snake skin.

Gina: You got category I9 C3 G6.
Captain Holt: I9 C3 G6? Is that as good as it sounds?
Gina: You have a robust sense of self and are well suited to leadership positions. Characteristics: strength, determination, tenacity.
Captain Holt: Yes, I suppose that's accurate. They do call me Tenacious Ray down at the country club. Because for the past ten years I've been suing them for discrimination.

Amy: I don't like it. Something stinks.
Hitchcock: Well, I'm sorry, but I refuse to mask my natural musk with a bunch of chemicals.

Scully: I really need that Gasinex. I think there was some dairy in the cheesecake that I ate for breakfast.

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215 'Windbreaker City' Press Release January 14 2015

FOX has released the synopsis for the February 8 episode, "Hostages". Nick Kroll guest stars and Eva Longoria returns as Sophia.  Full story


Jake arrives at the precinct with a box of Sophia's belongings that she left at his apartment. Terry tells Jake he should destroy the stuff, but Jake says he'll text her so she can get it back. Terry and Charles both think Jake would feel better after some catharsis, but Jake says it'll be fine if he texts Sophia. After Jake does text her, he obsessively checks whether she's replied yet or not.

When Jake and Boyle sit down for an emergency squad meeting, Jake is still checking his phone constantly to see whether Sophia has texted back. Terry addresses the squad and tells them they've been invited to a Department of Homeland Security multi-agency anti-terrorism drill in place of a team from the DEA. Jake is excited by the prospect of a win at the event.

The next day, as the squad prepares to leave for the training exercise, Captain Holt stops Amy and Rosa to tell them he needs one of them to work on Saturday. Amy says she can't as she's got plans to attend a TED talk on Power Poses, while Rosa says she's going for dinner with her parents. Amy doesn't think Rosa would seriously want to go for dinner with her parents, so she's confident she can get Saturday off.

After the squad has left, Gina goes to Captain Holt's office to say she needs somebody to take a personality test for her psych classes. Captain Holt offers to take the test, even though Gina warns him the results can be unflattering. When the squad arrives at the event, Jake talks to a DHS agent, Agent Kendrick, who looks down on the NYPD officers. After Jake insults the guy, he tells Terry it's not a problem as that guy doesn't matter. Agent Kendrick then introduces himself to the attendees and says he's in charge. He explains the scenario is a terrorist group taking hostages in a bank and then gives the teams their roles. The NYPD are disappointed to hear they'll be playing the role of the hostages.

As the squad are being tied up, Jake pleads for some wiggle room in his arm restraints so he can check his phone. Jake convinces Boyle they should fight back against their captors, but Terry wants no part of it. Tied up in another location, Amy tells Rosa she doesn't believe she's actually having dinner with her parents on Saturday. Elsewhere, when Gina tabulates the results of Captain Holt's personality test, he's pleased to be given category I9C3G6 - until Gina says she also got that result.

After Boyle and Jake free themselves, Terry refuses to let them untie him. Jake tells Boyle to pretend to be sick so they can lure in the two guards from outside. As the guards surrender, Terry is keen to point he's not part of Jake's uprising. Jake and Boyle move out and take out more guards. When Jake and Boyle reach the rest of the squad, they free their colleagues.

The squad move on and take down more of their captors. In the basement, as they count their wins and hostages, an ATF guy moves in on Jake. When Jake thinks it's over, Terry appears and shoots the guy before he can take Jake out. With their captors obliterated, Terry thinks it's time to go celebrate. When Jake checks his phone again for a text from Sophia, Boyle suggests they carry on and go after the marshalls, too.

Outside, Jake and Terry explain their plan to Agent Kendrick. He initially wants to call the exercise off, but Jake goads him into accepting a fight to the death with the NYPD now taking the role of the terrorists. Jake gives Kendrick their demands, but when the squad gather he says the demands were a ruse. They're going to move in on their opponents. Elsewhere, Captain Holt takes a box of snacks to Gina. When he offers her a round cookie or a square blondie, Gina takes the round cookie - despite saying on the test that her favorite shape is a square. Gina is insulted Holt's trying to get her kicked out of the I9C3G6 categorization.

As the squad move in, Amy kills Rosa to achieve the higher kill count - only to then get shot herself. Outside, Jake, Boyle and Charles move in on Kendrick, but Charles and Terry are shot. When Jake calls for Kendrick to come out, he emerges with his arms in the air saying he's out of ammo. Before Jake shoots him, however, Kendrick pulls out a gun taped to his back and shoots Jake, winning the challenge. Back inside, Kendrick gloats about winning their bet, and says the NYPD will never be invited back.

Despite losing the bet, Jake is happy to have been distracted from checking his phone - although the mere mention makes him want to check again. Elsewhere, Captain Holt goes to Gina's desk to apologize. He says he isn't worthy to be in the same category as her, and admits that Gina has great leadership qualities. As a result, Captain Holt gives Gina more responsibilities at work.

Amy goes to Rosa to say she'll work the Saturday shift. She apologizes for betraying Rosa during the drill, and says she's not sure she needs Power Pose training anyway. Rosa admits the dinner on Saturday is for her parents to meet Marcus for the first time. Meanwhile, Jake goes to Sophia's office to drop off her stuff. Jake tries to leave the box with reception, but Sophia walks in while he's there. Sophia apologizes for not texting Jake back and thanks him for returning her stuff. They both agree to get back to their jobs. When Sophia walks away, Jake obsessively asks the receptionist whether she turned around for one last look.