The Wednesday Incident Season 2, Episode 16 - Aired February 15, 2015

The Wednesday Incident

When Jake notices that Holt has been acting moody, he teams up with Holt's husband to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Charles tries to get a confession out of a geriatric suspect who pretends to be senile and adorable whenever Amy and Rosa are around.

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Guest Stars: Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Garry Marshall as Marvin Miller, James Morrison as Dan Yaeger, Michael James Bell as Gerald, Katie Dippold as Diane, Dajuan Johnson as Detective Maxime Drexel

Writers: Laura McCreary

Director: Claire Scanlon

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Episode Quotes

Captain Holt: Coat, coat, jacket, coat. Is this a police precinct or a Turkish bazaar?

Gina: Jake, why don't you just do the right thing and jump out a window? Captain Holt will never fire me if he knows I'm mourning the death of a close friend.

Captain Holt: Squad, since Peralta's briefing was cut short, you can all use this time to clean up your desks. Look at this place. Half-eaten food, crumpled tissues, pictures of your families.
Sergeant Jeffords: What's wrong with pictures?
Captain Holt: If you love someone, you'll remember what they look like.

Sergeant Jeffords: The Captain's at a new level of anger, constant smiling.
Amy: It's horrible.
Rosa: All smiling is horrible. This is worse.

Jake: All right, fine. But I'm calling in my chit.
Gina: You kiss your mother with that mouth?
Jake: No, ch-it.

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216 'The Wednesday Incident' Press Release January 22 2015

FOX has released the description for the February 15 episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Marc Evan Jackson returns as Kevin, Captain Holt's husband, in this episode, "The Wednesday Incident".  Full story


When Jake briefs the squad about the leader of a crime syndicate that he's been tracking, the Organized Crime unit interrupt his briefing to take Jake's materials away. After Jake appeals to Captain Holt, an unusually angry Holt sides with Organized Crime and says Jake's had his two weeks to crack the case. Now that the rest of the squad aren't working on Holt's case, he berates them to tidy up the state of the desks and get rid of their junk, including personal pictures.

In the evidence locker, Jake talks to the rest of the squad about Holt's recent unhappiness. Terry and the rest of the guys think the Wednesday Incident, when Jake uncorked a bottle and inadvertently set off the sprinklers in Holt's office, is the cause of his anger. Jake says Holt was already mad before the Wednesday Incident, and he's determined to find the real cause to prove it to everyone else.

When Terry stops Rosa from making a personal call at he work, he tells her he's making it his job to make sure nobody upsets Holt further on his watch. Meanwhile, Boyle enters the precinct with a bank robber that had thus far eluded his capture. Amy and Rosa are surprised to find Boyle's big, bad bank thief is an eighty-year-old man who is very sweet to them. When the girls leave, the old guy admits to Boyle that he held up the banks and says he gets off on violence.

Jake goes to Captain Holt's office, despite not being scheduled to work today. When Jake asks Holt why he's in a bad mood, Holt refuses to discuss his home life with Jake. To get more information on Holt's personal life, Jake goes to Gina, who has made a connection with Holt's husband, Kevin. Needing to speak to Kevin, who isn't fond of Jake, he calls in a favor from Gina.

When Jake and Gina arrive at Captain Holt's house, he's pleased to see her but not so much Jake. When Jake asks about Holt's bad mood, Kevin says he left home on Wednesday in a fine mood. Jake figures something must have happened on Holt's way to work, so they set out to retrace his steps. Elsewhere, Boyle is angry to find Rosa and Amy are sharing a drink with his bank thief, who acts sweet whenever they're around.

At the cafe where Captain Holt eats breakfast every day, Jake, Gina and Kevin find out Holt was in a good mood and ordered his happy breakfast. Holt's next stop was his painting class, where Holt was still in a good mood. Back at the precinct, Captain Holt is angry that his Internet connection is so slow. When Hitchcock complains his video streaming is also slow, Terry runs interference to try keep Holt from getting angrier.

At Holt's fencing class, his sparring partner says he was still happy at their last class. When the partner mentions he hasn't seen Holt since last Wednesday, Kevin quickly leaves. Jake and Gina chase Kevin down, who admits that Raymond has been lying to him about going to fencing class this week. When Kevin leaves to try straighten things out with his husband, Gina is upset that Kevin's no longer on a first name basis with her.

When Jake and Gina arrive back at the precinct, Amy asks if Jake's ready to admit Holt's anger is all his fault. Terry tells Jake and Gina they have to go since they're not scheduled to work today and he doesn't need anything setting Holt off. Gina says she's there to activate the Holy Network of Administrative Assistants.

When Amy and Boyle question his bank thief, Rosa calls Boyle into the observation room to ask why he's obsessing about the case. After Boyle says he's fed up of being messed and is determined to get a confession from the guy, Rosa tells him the guy just died. Elsewhere, 

After tapping her assistants network, Gina finds out that Holt cancelled a meeting he had planned after fencing class on short notice. As Jake and Gina follow Holt's steps after fencing, Jake spots a security camera. Back at the precinct, Terry tells Rosa how he's made sure nothing in the precinct will set Terry off. Scully accidentally sets a bowl of oatmeal on fire after trying to cook it with a road flare. As Terry stomps the food out with the flare in his hands, Holt enters and scolds Terry for being his biggest problem today.

Jake goes to Ray and Kevin's house to tell Kevin he figured out what happened to Raymond: he was mugged. Jake says he watched the camera footage which showed Ray being followed into an alley by three men with a knife. When Holt enters and demands to know why Jake is there, Kevin asks Holt about the mugging. Holt says he wasn't embarrassed about an attempted mugging in which he fought off the attackers. When Kevin is unsure why he didn't tell him about the incident, Jake realizes it's because he was injured. Ray admits he was "lightly stabbed" and didn't want to scare Kevin by telling him. After an upset Kevin storms off, Captain Holt angrily tells Jake to go away after his beyond unprofessional behavior.

When Jake and Captain Holt share an elevator at work, Holt is in no mood for Jake's attempts at small talk. After Gina notices how cold Holt is being with Jake, he has an idea how to make it up to the Captain. Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa apologize to Boyle, saying the old guy was indeed the bank thief. After Charles's insistence that he was guilty, Amy looked into the dollar note the guy gave her for the lemonade, and found out the number matched the batch of notes stolen from a bank.

Captain Holt gets into Jake's car and asks why he's there. Jake says he identified one of the muggers whose apartment they are now outside. After Captain Holt asks Jake whether he thinks this will make everything better, Holt admits it will. Holt says Jake was right all along - he wasn't made at him or the squad, he was mad at himself for taking a stupid risk and getting stabbed. Holt pleases Jake by delivering the catchphrase, "Peralta, you're a genius", that he heard Jake practicing in the bathroom.

Back at the precinct, Holt tells the squad overtime is back and they can return their personal belongings to their desk. The Captain pays tribute to Sergeant Jeffords for knowing how to keep the place running smoothly. When Kevin arrives to pick up Raymond, he gives Jake and Gina a present each - a Raymond Holt original painting of a rock.