AC/DC Season 2, Episode 20 - Aired April 26, 2015


When Jake injures himself in pursuit of a suspect, Terry forces him to take time off work - but Jake can't leave the case alone.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt and Rosa struggle to keep things impersonal when they have dinner with Kevin and Marcus. Amy tries to prove to Gina that she can be relaxed and chilled when they're invited for dinner at Holt's house.

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Guest Stars: Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Nick Cannon as Marcus, Jonathan Marballi as Gene Doublehorn, CJ Stuart as Tom Olson

Writers: Kylie Condon

Director: Linda Mendoza

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Episode Quotes

Jake: I wasn't hurt that badly. The doctor said all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be.

Jake: I also have a hairline fracture in my thumb. Mankind's least important finger, am I right?

Charles: Do you desire a crispen potato?
Jake: Oh, don't mind if I do-ble. Wait a minute. Crispen potato. Why are you fancy talking.
Charles: How dare you, sir. I speak the common tongue.
Jake: There it is again. You only do that when you're lying or hiding something.
Charles: Hiding? Ha. Pish-posh.

Captain Holt: Marcus, Detective Diaz, what a surprise. I didn't expect you for another nine and a half minutes.
Rosa: See, told you it was rude to be early. Well, let's cancel the entire evening and try again next year.

Kevin: Rosa, tell us about your family.
Rosa: I have one.

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Jake and Boyle hide behind a car on the street, watching a suspect. When the perp crosses the street, Boyle accidentally alerts him to their presence. As they chase after him, Jake gets the top of the car foot chase he's always wanted - until he trips on a sunroof and lands in immense pain.

As Jake limps back into the precinct, Terry doesn't think he should be working in his condition. Jake admits he's not cleared for active duty, but he begs Terry let him continue working on the case. Terry agrees on the condition Jake stays at his desk. Meanwhile, Rosa goes to Captain Holt's office where he tells her that Kevin is insisting that her and Marcus join him and Captain Holt for dinner. Despite his best efforts to put it off, Holt says this dinner is happening. Captain Holt tells Rosa he has a plan to make sure the evening doesn't get too personal. He's inviting along some intimacy buffers - in the form of Amy and Gina. After learning about her invitation, Amy freaks out to Gina about finally being invited for dinner with Holt.

When Terry can't find Jake in the bullpen, he hears a loud noise coming from the records room. Terry finds Jake in great pain after trying a MacGyver-esque solution to try lift boxes without using his injured arm. Despite Jake's insistence he's fine despite all his injuries, Terry sends Jake home.

Four days later, a chilled Jake arrives in the bullring. Terry reminds Jake he's supposed to talk the whole week off, but Jake says he's not there to work. Jake is picking up Boyle for a guys' trip to Atlantic City. Despite Boyle's excitement at staying at the Ravana spa and casino, he's disappointed when Jake takes him to a crummy motel. Jake admits it's not a vacation, it's a stake-out. His perp has a brother who lives here and Jake thinks his guy is hiding out there.

At Captain Holt's house, he and Kevin welcome Rosa and Marcus, who are a few minutes early. When Marcus goes to help Kevin with the cooking, Rosa and Raymond struggle to fill the few minutes before Amy and Gina arrive with impersonal small-talk. Elsewhere, Amy and Gina are on the train towards Holt's house. Amy tells Gina she is going to be cool and relaxed even though it looks like they'll be late.

As Jake and Boyle eat junk food in the motel, Boyle starts talking fancy - a classic giveaway that he's hiding something. Jake's suspicions are confirmed when "housekeeping" knock on the door, and it's Terry. Meanwhile, Raymond tells his guests that Amy said they should start without her and Gina. When Raymond tries to discuss his pre-planned small talk, Kevin wants to hear more about Rosa. Marcus tries to answer for the untalkative Rosa, but Kevin persists with his questioning. When Raymond and Rosa take a break from dinner, Rosa tells him she fears she might be pregnant.

Back at the motel, Terry yells at Jake for ignoring his orders, while Jake is angry at Boyle for selling him out. When Jake goes to the bathroom, he sees a guy outside the window who may be his perp. When Jake climbs out the window, the guy isn't who he thought it was. After he gets stuck on the balcony, Jake calls for Terry and Boyle's help. They are furious with him and are determined to keep in the motel room. Meanwhile, Holt and Rosa uncomfortably discuss her pregnancy scare. Holt suggests Rosa takes a pregnancy test right away, but they will need to cut the dinner short without alerting Marcus or Kevin.

As Terry scolds Jake for his obsession with his work, Jake spots his perp outside the motel. Having not learnt his lesson, Jake wants to move in on the perp, but he realizes Terry thinks they should watch the perp from a safe distance and wait for the local police. Meanwhile, Captain Holt tells Kevin there's a police emergency which Rosa is most capable of handling, meaning the party has to be cut short.

As Rosa leaves Holt's house, Amy and Gina finally arrive. Much to Amy's disappointment, Holt tells them the party is over. Amy and Gina sit and have a drink on Holt's porch, but he turns the lights off on them. Elsewhere, Jake, Boyle and Terry watch the perp on the move. Terry is determined to wait until the local PD arrive, but when the perp moves, Jake runs after him and gets hit by a car.

With Jake lying up in a hospital bed, Terry scolds him once again. Despite a multitude of injuries, Jake says the worst part is that his perp got away. When Terry wonders why Jake is so obsessed with his case, Jake tells him about a case where he went away for a weekend trip and the suspect ended up shooting two civilians. Jake says he vowed never to take time off during a case, but Terry says he needs to take a break if he wants to be a useful cop.

The morning after the party that never was, Amy and Gina are hungover at work. Captain Holt apologizes to them and offers to add a make-up date to the calendar. Later, Rosa goes to Captain Holt's office to tell him she's not pregnant. After Rosa thanks him for his help, they admit that mixing their personal and private lives isn't so bad.

When Jake returns to the precinct after his time off, he tells Terry he's got the all clear to return to work. Terry tells Jake his perp was caught, but he has a few cases Jake can work on. Jake tells him he's not actually back at work just yet, he's taking another two vacation days to go to Atlantic City with Boyle.