307 - The Mattress Aired November 15, 2015

The Mattress

Jake and Amy convince the Captain to let them work a case together involving a new street drug, but their new relationship gets in the way. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Charles panics when he realizes he's damaged one of Holt's prized possessions and Terry teaches Rosa a lesson in discipline.

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Guest Stars: Robin Bartlett as Miss Miriam, Michael Blaiklock as Brian Hip, Adrian Moreira-Behrens as Sam Malone, Dean Sharpe as Devon Mound, Travis Parker as Keyton Marks

Writers: Laura McCreary

Director: Dean Holland

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Episode Quotes

Amy: He said he'll point him out to us.
So you approach on foot from the south, and me and Devon will be in an unmarked car here.
Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. "Me and Devon"? Didn't you mean "Devon and I"?
Amy: Oh, God.
Jake: I corrected your grammar! Are you so proud of me? Are you horrified? Are you super horny?

Jake: Actually, sir, I think we were kind of hoping we could work the case together.
Captain Holt: Oh, are you two no longer-
Jake: Smooshing booties?
Captain Holt: Yes, that's exactly how I was gonna finish my sentence.
Jake: Figured.

Captain Holt: I want you two to go undercover as a couple to stake out the room.
You should be very convincing, given that you're currently what was it? "Smooshing booties."
Jake: Great, and thank you for saying it that way. It made us both feel very comfortable.
Amy: Sure did.

Rosa: See, Sarge? Tough love works.
Sergeant Jeffords: Damn it! Terry proved the wrong point.

Captain Holt: You don't owe me anything. It was my fault, and I behaved poorly, as Gina made abundantly clear.
Gina: Oh, speaking of, you still owe me $14 for that cupcake.

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