The Swedes Season 3, Episode 9 - Aired December 6, 2015

The Swedes

In an attempt to solve an international case, Jake and Rosa are forced to work with a pair of Swedish cops and things get very competitive, very quickly. Meanwhile, Amy and Terry offer to help Gina prepare for a big test and Holt enlists Charles to sub in as his squash partner for an annual tournament.

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Guest Stars: Anders Holm as Soren, Riki Lindhome as Agneta, Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin, Neil deGrasse Tyson as Himself, Yan Birch as Stig, Ravi Naidu as Mitch, Tim Talman as Karl-Ove

Writers: Matt Murray

Director: Eric Appel

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Episode Quotes

Jake: My fellow detectives, ours is not an easy job. The hours are long, the danger is constant, the pay is LOL. But today, a glimmer of hope. For today, a new vending machine. Behold him in all of his glory, so full of strength, and promise, and, most importantly, sodium, gluten and fat.

Amy: Okay, let's talk planets. Jupiter is a gas giant.
Gina: So's Hitchcock. How does this help me?

Gina: You just made Earth lame, and that is my house.

Jake: I hereby christen thee Snackie Chan.

Captain Holt: It's been a pleasure talking with you about the duration of your flight. Good day.

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